Friday, November 21, 2008

Hand and Foot Canasta Game

Hand and Foot Canasta is perfect for 4 players although more can play as long as you have an even number of players. The game includes 4 decks of cards for 4 times the fun. The cards have been created with point values pictured on them for easy play and learning.

The instructions are a bit confusing, but once you get going, everything falls into place.

Priced at less than ten dollars, Hand and Foot Canasta is the perfect gift and holiday stocking stuffer. It’s a great twist on the classic Canasta game!

Go here to win this game from Family Review Network!

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  1. I used to know how to play real Canasta but I've forgotten. This looks fun!

  2. Anything that has to do with feet forget it!

  3. I love playing Canasta! Well, on Pogo. I've never played with "real" people before. ;)

  4. I'm totally gonna have to go find this game! My family LOVES Canasta!!

  5. My husbands family has been playing hand and foot for the last few years. We love it. Though I didn't know you could buy it like that. We just used regular decks of cards. I wonder how different the rules are from how we play! His family had a tendency to make their own rules over time!


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