Saturday, August 09, 2008

School Supplies

I love school supplies! Thinking about going down the school supply aisle (not when it's crowded, but any other time) makes me happy! Really, it does. I love paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, spirals, binders, tape, rulers, well... you get the idea. Is it any surprise that I'm a teacher?

My summer is winding down, and I'll be back at work in two weeks. The kids will be in full swing in three. As a way to help get us ready for summer, 5 Minutes for Mom is having a week of Back to School Giveaways. Click over and join the fun!

These aren't your every day school supplies, either. First up is a Dymo Personal Labelmaker. Boy, could I think of lots of things to use it for! Each giveaway requires a separate comment, so click over every day this week to see what they're giving away. Good luck!

UPDATE - The have added a new giveaway each day (today it's EZ School Supplies), so don't forget to check out 5 Minutes for Mom and sign up for each giveaway separately! Not that I don't want to win. I do! But I want all of you to win something, too. We can share!


  1. Found you thru D... love your blog! We must live in the same area.

    I love school supplies, too! Gotta go check out this giveaway!

  2. you're a teacher? what do you teach??? have i asked you this before? it's just that so many bloggers are teachers! it is mind blowing!!

  3. cool, hope you get that label maker! I don't need school supplies, we're all set up over here. Joe is doing correspondence this year and they supply everything and Tim has everything already because Joe has already done it and I kept all the different grades. (we home learn as a reminder to ya :D) but Hubby needs a few things since he's in college but not until Jan cuz he's on co-op...sooo....I'll pass and hopefully someone who really needs the stuff will win win win!!


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