Friday, August 22, 2008

August Declutter Challenge Days 15-21

This is my second week of participation in Organising Queen's August decluttering challenge. I'm getting so much done. This is a sample of this week's progress.

If you're not the "organized" type, Organising Queen has a great post about how to get started without feeling overwhelmed. It's terrific motivation!

1. Kitchen sink - decluttered and disinfected.

2. Shoe basket at the entryway - decluttered.

3. Toys the kids have outgrown ready for delivery to Goodwill.

4. Clothes and shoes ready for delivery to Goodwill.

5. My planner - I got a new one and I am listing only events that must be attended and only names and numbers that I actually use. Many didn't get transferred to the new planner.

6. Chore Chart - Household duties assigned for weekly and weekend chores for each of the four kids who live in the household. It's posted on the refrigerator. Chores rotate each week.

7. Markers tested and separated (Vis a Vis and Sharpies).

8. Desk organizer at work decluttered.

9. Clutter from my purse thrown away. It's unbelievable how much junk accumulates in your purse over the course of a few days.

10. The front yard decluttered.

I'm ready to get started on another week!


  1. You make me tired just reading everything you do.

  2. The secret to an uncluttered purse is to carry a small bag - no clutter will fit inside. I'm amazed at how much you have done. Good job!

  3. Nice! I so need to declutter my house, garage, and most for sure my DESK!!!
    We won't even talk about my bedroom.

    Thanks for the encouragement on my son's AF career!

  4. You've been a busy lady! Where did you find the time?!

    I'm at Greene Elementary. Are you ready for Monday?

  5. Great list!
    I have to stop with what I am doing right now and start one of those. I realized that there are lots of things to do inside and outside the house.
    By the way, thank you for the friendship. I got a tag for you about friendship. Take care!

  6. Looks great!! I do belive we live quite close to each other. My daughter is going to Lake, too - Little Son would go to SCI, but he's in the WAVE program so he's at WBI. Daughter just went thru 3 years there in WAVE. Small world!

  7. Wow! I love seeing all that empty space! I want that for my home too.

    I forgot about decluttering my purse. That will defiitely be on my list for sometime this week.

  8. Congrats on winning the draw!! great decluttering!

  9. wow, great job! and congratulations!


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