Monday, August 25, 2008

Tuesday Talk

See that counter at the top of my page? It says ZERO! School started today (Monday as I type this) for the students, while teachers have already been back on school time for a week.

Since the topic for this week's Heads or Tails is "talk," I am incorporating it into this post.

I want to talk about my kids first. They have grown up so much! Here's a picture of them on the first day of kindergarten.

Here's a picture of them on the first day of seventh grade. Talk about change!

They both had pretty good first days of school. However, getting all the papers signed and supplies together left me feeling like I didn't want to talk to anyone! Frustrating. And I already have to talk to one of my daughter's teachers. She teaches the same subject and same grade level as I do, so this talk might get interesting!

Today at work, I talked... a lot. The principals talked... alot, and the students wanted to talk... a lot. My students seem like great kids, but my administrators seemed like they were flying by the seats of their pants today. So disorganized! Unlike years past that went smoothly. I hope it's not an indication of the rest of the year. I'm exhausted, physically and mentally, and my feet ache. At least I like my classes. THEY are why I teach. The rest of it is just... blah. If all I had to do was teach, rather than the myriad other jobs they give us to do, then I would be a happy camper.

Thanks for listening to me talk about my kids and my day!


  1. Wow... they change is amazing, isn't it? They're so much bigger. But they look just as sweet/happy as they did starting kindergarten.

    Wow, I can't imagine being a school teacher... you must have a lot of patience.

    Happy HoT!

  2. It can be mind boggling how fast kinds grow up. Blink and you don't recognize them any more. Good talking here.

  3. look at how they changed, has the girl turn to boy, and the boy into girl? ahahahah, kidding! they're awesome.
    isn't it good to be able to talk?

    I've done the 'friend poems'. go check out...

  4. From one school teacher to another, I know just what you mean by the "myriad other jobs". If only we could just teach! Sighhhhhh

  5. They do grow up fast eh! Our first day back is on the second this year. Happy HOT day!

  6. I remember those days...heck, you don't need kids at home [mine have been out of home, out of school for decades now] to feel like life is disorganized...but, yes, I remember those days when school first starts for the year.

    My HoT is posted just now. It's eclectic but it's all pretty 'down to earth'. Come on over if you can.

  7. I bet you can remember that first day of Kindergarten for them as if it was yesterday. On Sept. 2, my 5 year old grandson will start Kindergarten.. joining the 6 year old at school.

  8. Well, remember we can talk about dealing with 12yos anytime.
    Glad the first day of school went well. We started our homeschooling and it was a good start.

  9. I hope you had a great first day

  10. Wow, great post! We sure love to talk about our kids. You have great children, huh! They are so big now! Mine is just going five. Lots of rice to eat, still. By the way, thanks for the award!

  11. My friend S says the same thing about teaching. She loves it, it's the extras she could do without! I hope you have a good year!

  12. they are just beautiful! xox

  13. I hope you have a great school year. It is too bad that teaching has become so much more paperwork than years ago when it could be fun.

  14. There is lots of talk the first few days of school by everyone.

    I hope you have a great year!

    I couldn't comment on your other blog.

    I don't know why you couldn't get into my blog the other day. I don't recall having a problem with it myself.

  15. Wow, they do grow up quick, don't they? I do hope that you will get to spend more time this year teaching and less with all of the other "stuff" because I agree that's what's most important.

  16. In the blink of an eye, they change! Are they lucky? They don't have standardized dress? Or are they not wearing their school clothes?

    I so hear ya about all the things you have to do besides teach. It's crazy all the things that fall under the umbrella of "teacher" now.

    Good luck with the talk with your daughter's teacher.

  17. You are an awesome woman for having the patience to teach junior high kids!

    Things have been rather disorganized at both my kids' schools so far this year, too. Not sure what's up with that. Daughter's schedule at Lake is STILL wrong - they put her, a fresheman, in a sophomore English class! Did anyone even bother to LOOK at her schedule??

  18. Just found your blog. Nice blog!


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