Saturday, August 02, 2008

Awwww, Do I Have To?

For Sunday Scribblings:

Certain requests are often met with the response, “Do I have to?” Some examples:

Clean your room.
Do your homework.
Practice your instrument.
Take a bath.
Brush your teeth.
Turn the television/game system off.
Go to bed.

Yes, you have to!


Because I’m the mom, and I said so. (That should be good enough.)
Because it will make you a better person.
Because I know what’s best for you (and me).
Because every day, we do things we don’t really want to do because we HAVE to. It’s part of life. It’s part of growing up. It’s part of becoming or being a responsible adult.

There is no getting around doing some of the things we do. The laundry, the grocery shopping (which I loathe), cooking, cleaning, and going to work. I don’t always want to, but I have to. It’s my job. I’m a parent.

Do I have to? Yes, I do.


  1. So true! And there are so many other "have to"s that we can add that are about our responsibilities to leave a better world for our children. Your post is both true and amusing at the same time.

  2. For sure - some days are just full of 'oh, no - I have to AGAIN.'

  3. This is so funny Diane! I almost made that exact same list!!! Instead I went with my perspective but we are so on the same page! VERY excellent prompt!
    thanks for your nice comment ♥

  4. My favorite line to your post - "Why?" sometimes I still ponder why I had to do all the things I had to do, and why I continue to do some of them... with the exception of personal hygiene; as an adult I totally understand the importance of brushing my teeth!! :D

  5. Some days you just got to.
    Ah, duties, duties, duties ...

  6. I lazed around sometime. That way, I can procrastinate till my wife jumped at me. "Get out of you butt and do some housework!" Yes, we have to else the home would be infested with a thousand cockroaches. Neat and nice post! Well Done!

  7. I don't like 'because I said so'
    will they listen if you give them the real reason?
    *hard to be a mom, sigh!*

    I haven't done an SS this week. feeling so lazy to... :(

  8. Even at 60 my um is STILL telling me what to do!

  9. yeah you could take offf..but can we escape chores? tough isn't it :)

  10. how often did i hear, "because i said so!" when i had exhausted all the rest of the arguements??? --- motherhood has a universal language, doesn't it??? - great post!!!

  11. Loved the responses! Classic "momisms" and I think I've used them all.

  12. Thanks for stopping by. You know, it takes a Goddess to know a Goddess, tee hee.

    Thanks for your sharing.

    "Because I'm the mom, and I said so. (That should be good enough)" - that always riled me as a response. Drove me to major rebellion when I was a teenager. Tee hee.

    Wishing you,
    Peace & Love, Just Because,
    Goddess Diana

  13. classic mom comments ...i use them and i still hear them...


  14. I'll do your grocery shopping if you do my dishes!


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