Monday, August 11, 2008

Binders and Folders and Paper, Oh My!

The theme over at Heads or Tails today is "Supply."

School supplies make me giddy! The smell, the texture, the freshness, the possibilities!
Let’s go shopping! (Target has some great selections.)
3 ring binder with pockets in the front and back and a zip closure, navy blue.
Hot pink folder with brads and pockets.
Wide-ruled filler paper.
Colorful post-it notes.
A new package of ball-point pens.
A Sharpie in standard black.
A wireless notebook (I hate those little spiral-y thingies that fall out when you tear a sheet out of a spiral notebook.)

A new planner absolutely makes my heart skip a beat! I need to be able to see a week at a time and have plenty of space to write daily reminders and events. There has to be a place for names, addresses, and phone numbers and a month-at-a-glance. Oh, it has to be cute! Here are two I have my eye on from Barnes and Noble. Which one would you choose?

That’s it for me. Now, I wonder what the kids need?
(With this topic, would you really expect a teacher to write about something other than school supplies? I didn't think so!)

Thank you, Skittles, for hosting HoT!

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  1. My twins are like this about school supplies - it makes them all giddy too - HA!

    Have a good Tuesday - Kellan

  2. Oh, I LOVE school supplies! Love, love, love them. Think I'll go buy some - one for them, one for me. ;-)

  3. i love the butterflies but looks like my lupus diary.

    butterfly has always been the symbol of lupus.

    mines up @

  4. Purple? Did I see purple? I'd pick purple...anything purple. Can you guess that I like purple?

    It's really hard to believe that it's time for school supplies already.

    Have a great day [my HoT supply is posted.].

  5. i have saw alot of people speak of the supplies. we dont have anything like that in th UK, but if i was still at school it would all sound exciting to me im sure!

    mine has a game theme this week!

  6. oh how i looooove school supplies! my heart gets all pitter pattery this time of year...the smell of crayons and new markers!


  7. We will be starting our back to school shopping next week too. How time flies! Happy HOT day!

  8. My daughter is 6 and starting 1st grade next week. She went absolutely wild with the whole school supply thing. It was fun to watch, but not so fun to pay for. Oh well, at least she's excited about learing, I think...

  9. I love school supplies!

  10. I always liked the smell of crayons in school the first week.

    We were at Staples and I was mesmerized by the post it not selection!

    I agree on the wide rule paper rather than college ruled.

    Wireless notebook, I thought you were talking of a lap top computer.

    Have a great day. I like your little pink profile flower.

  11. School supplies rock! I would pick the butterfly planner. I absolutely love planners, and I am keeping my eyes open for Amy Knapp's Family Organizer. I can't wait to get more organized! :-)

  12. One more year before i have to do that for my little B

  13. I used to love this time of year when my kids were young! It was a way for me to indulge myself .. I have always had a thing for school and/or office supplies. :)

    I like the butterfly one best. :)

  14. I love writing supplies even though a computer holds most of my 'stuff'. Your post is great ~ I'm thinking the butterfly diary is choice!

  15. Your post almost has me smelling paste and crayons! Happy HoT.

  16. This year is the first year in a long time where I haven't had to buy school supplies...Two of my girls are done school, and the 15 year old wanted to buy her own...(my stuff just isn't cool enough..) and my one year old

  17. I subscribed to your feed! I love school supplies too, but I always want to buy new everything even though I still have new supplies from last year that I never even used. BTW, I would choose the butterfly notebook!


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