Friday, August 15, 2008

August Declutter Challenge Days 8-14

Organising Queen is hosting a de-cluttering challenge this month! I'm starting a week late, but if you know me, you know I can't miss a challenge that has to do with tidying up or organizing.

From the site: "We are each committed to decluttering at least one thing every day and will each be writing a post showing what we've decluttered."

For days 8-14, I have decluttered the following:

1. The bathtub area. I did this by adding this suction cupped storage container to keep the bottles and miscellaneous bath items off the tub ledge and in one central location. I also threw away everything that was almost empty.
2. I decluttered (and changed) handbags.I feel so much lighter!
3. My scrapbook paper holder (by type and color).

4. My hairstyle! I decluttered this by having several inches chopped off giving me an easy to take care of style that works with my type of hair.

5. The TV stand. (DVD's neatly contained, old VHS tapes - gone)

6. The dresser - got rid of all the clothes and towels that were piled up.

7. The desk - neatly arranged with a bin, a pen/pencil "cup" and a pencil sharpener instead of extra books, papers, etc. lieing about.

8. Two candle drawers.

9. A full file cabinet left behind by a teacher last year - completely empty!
(no pic-it's just an empty file cabinet!)

Wow! I think I accomplished a lot. Thanks, Organising Queen!

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  1. Awesome work - I love number 4 :)

    I need to declutter some of my grey hair!

    And you're the first one up!

  2. Awesome job with de-cluttering! :) I wanted to let you know that you won my bloggy give away!!! Please send me an email with your address so I can send you your Scrapbooking Kit from The Coconut ScrapShop!!!! Congratulations!!!

    I just love your blog! I will be back! Hugs!!! and Happy Friday!

  3. Good job!!! Hmm, I need a haircut too!! Good thinking!!! :)

  4. Wow - what a week for house and hair. You must feel so good. WTG!

  5. I would love to be that organized! We have only been in this house a couple of weeks, and already my desk is a cluttered mess!

  6. Wow! You go! I don't know what your hair looked like before, but I like how it looks now!

  7. I love the hair. Very cute for summer, I wish I could cut mine but I give in to the husband on that.
    Do you want to come and declutter my house????

  8. what a great job !! I love the feeling I get when an area is organized and feel so much lighter too.

  9. Good for you it looks great

  10. hey, you redid your header too? Wanna give me some of that energy?? You go girl!

  11. hey, saw your comments and yes, I'm about 1 minute from Mely's and yes I scrapbook too! I have been in the Scrapbook Studio cuz I thought it was a new store, but it's a cool concept! We have to do a crop soon! Let's get some area gals together! I have a few I can recruit! Now that I've seen your pic you look familiar! DId you happen to go to Friendswood schools? LMK, we'll get together soon!

  12. awesome job! love how you declutered your hair too!!

  13. I love the hair cut! Where did you find that shelf for your scrapbook paper?

  14. Hey.. decluttering the hair! I got mine cut this week also. It looks nice, as does the house.


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