Thursday, August 28, 2008

Org Junkie's August Organizing Roundup

The Entryway was this month's challenge at Organizing Junkie's Roundup. I was fairly pleased with the way my entry was set up, but junk does tend to accumulate in that area. These are my "before" shots.

I decluttered the shoe basket. There was a bag full of empty binders that I brought home from work for the kids to use for school. Those got put in the school supply closet and will get used during this last week of August.

Everything else that didn't belong got put back in its place, I cleaned off the coat rack except for the few things that really needed to stay there, and I put the plant in the corner. That's it. This was the easiest area in the house for me so far! Here are my "after" pictures.


  1. It looks wonderful Forgetfulone, well done.

  2. Nice corner Di! YOu are so good at clutter! Can u help me out?? haha

  3. and how long will it stay that way?

  4. Looks great! Enjoy your long weekend!


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