Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm a Company Girl!

In case you haven't seen the logo in my sidebar, I'm a "Company Girl." What that means is that I participate in Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary "Small Things" challenges, along with about 600 other women out there in blogland. Each day, she gives us a small thing to do that will help create order, peace, and beauty in our homes and lives. Some examples include cleaning a ceiling fan, looking at our home the way a guest would look at it, eyebrow management, or cleaning out the crumbs from our toaster, or printing a Bible verse and posting it where we can see it each day - easy, small things.

I've been participating since January, but during July (since I don't teach during the summer), I made it a goal to participate every single day. It helps me feel like I have a purpose each day. I kept track of my daily tasks and points on my livejournal page (which I only use for this purpose), and it paid off. I won for most points! I get a really cool prize (see below - a gift set from wrapables), but I also get the satisfaction of a job well done and the daily satisfaction of completing at least one worthwhile task. I may not win again, but I will continue doing my Company Girl challenges. Won't you join me? It's never too late!


  1. Sounds like an excellent program. I'll have to give it a bit of thought. Perhaps I will join you in your challenges.

  2. You know if I spend just 15 minutes a day cleaning, dusting etc I do get it all done. Unfortunately I'm such a procrastinator that I end up skipping 5 days and now need to put in 1-2 hours to get things managable. What a great resource this is.


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