Saturday, August 09, 2008


When kids are little, they are champs at asking, "Why?"

"Why is the sky blue?"
"Why is the grass green?"
"Why do I have to take a bath?"
"Why do we have to pay for our food?"
"Why can't I touch the stove?"

Obviously, some questions of "Why?" are of more consequence than others. But the questioning nature of children is amazing. They WANT to know. They WANT to learn. They WANT to understand.
They are curious, inquisitive, and interested. And that's a good thing!

After the six-hundred-and-seventh "Why?" of the day, we tend to get exasperated, but would we really want it any other way?

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  1. Sadly, for too many, it stops in adulthood. They get into the delusion that they know.

  2. Yeah, but I'm 39 and still no ones has ever answered my "why is the sky blue" question! :)

  3. kids can give you a whole new look at the world, and make you think about things that would otherwise never occur to you, can't they? --- it's great to be able to see the world anew through those young eyes, but when you've hit overload, you do appreciate less and less for the time being --- nice piece!!!

  4. No, I wouldn't want it any other way. It has helped to build a bond between my highly inquisitive son & me. My daughter never really was one for "why" questions.

  5. My daughter is three this month and I can relate to so many of those questions. It's a joy to watch a child grow up, develop and take an interest in the world that surrounds them.

  6. I guess when we stop asking those questions we begin to just accept the things..which in a way is bad right?

  7. I seriously have learned so much about myself from my daughters questions. I love the clean perspective children have on things!
    No I wouldn't want it any other day in the future I look forward to different questions from grand children! Thoughtful post!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. As exasperating as it is, that curiosity is just another precious quality of kids!
    great post Di.

  9. Apparently, we had the same idea! LOL! The mouths and minds of babes was my first thought. How could it not be?

    Too funny, D! Too funny.

  10. And sometimes parents have to ask the same "Why" in order to answer their child correctly. They keep us on our toes!


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