Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Back from Disney...

And exhausted! But I can't wait another minute to share a couple of my favorites from the trip.

What does a pirate pay to have his ears pierced?


About a "buck an ear" (get it? Buccaneer!) Lame and corny, I know, but it was from the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, and I just had to share it.

My Favorite Ride

Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom

"Train ride" roller coaster that's as smooth as silk, yet thrilling with its twists and turns and high altitude. Not only that, but you get to go backwards! There's also a heart-stopping plunge off the top of the peak. In a word, Awesome!

My Favorite Parade

Disney Dreams Come True in Magic Kingdom

Daytime parade with fabulous floats, costumes, singing, and dancing and all of your favorite Disney characters. You can't help but feel happy during this parade! In a word, Magical!

My Favorite Show

The Festival of the Lion King in Animal Kingdom

The sets are magnificent, and they use animatronics on floats with Pumba, Simba, a giraffe, and an elephant, all bigger than life. There is singing, dancing, acrobatics, and these are some talented performers. You'll be tapping your toes whether you want to or not! In a word, Fabulous!

More of my favorites to come in the near future. Consider this an appetizer. I noticed many of you are planning Disney trips in the near future, so if you've got any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.


  1. welcome BACK!!

    oh i need a vacation and a disney vac-cay sounds amazing!

    looks like it was a whole lot of fun!!

  2. Ugh, at 25 I feel old considering NONE of those attractions were there the last time I visited Disney.

  3. Glad your back. I love Disney and feel like its my fantasy land. a place to get away and be a kid again.

  4. WOW - looks like so much fun!

    Will have lots of questions!!!

  5. MIssed you, but glad that you had a very good time....exhausted is to be expected.

  6. Welcome back!!
    Looks like you had a fabulous time!!
    We're hoping to go again in September, we're waiting to see if Free dining is offered again this year ;)

  7. Okay! I am officially jealous!

  8. Just wanted you to know we missed you. Glad you had fun. Thanks for the appetizer. Get some rest. Enjoy Easter. Blog soon!

  9. WoW...some very beautifully captured shots...simply love the place through your lens....

    I am a bit too busy with my work now, which will continue, so couldn't visit your blog for sometime...anyway, I will check your other posts later whenever I will get the break.

  10. That's so wonderful that you had such a great time!!!! The pictures are great!

  11. Thanks for posting some photos - looks like you had a great time - I know you did :)


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