Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friday's Feast

This is my 12th edition. I sure missed doing this last week!

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting?


Do you prefer baths or showers?

showers for quickness, but baths are more luxurious if I have the time.

What was the last bad movie you watched?

I can think of 2 recently that just didn't do much for me. There Will be Blood (please don't throw eggs!) and Michael Clayton (or tomatoes!)

Main Course
Name something you are addicted to and describe how it affects your life.

The Internet, specifically blogging. It interferes with my sleeping. I stay up too late reading and writing and posting photos, etc. Then I don't get enough sleep, but I still have to get up and go to work the next day. I promise myself I'll skip some Internet time and go to bed at a decent hour, but I rarely ever do.

Which instrument is your favorite to listen to?

Piano. Both my daughters play. And I also enjoy listening to my daughter play her clarinet while her brother plays the trumpet as long as they're playing the same song.
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  1. Nice feast. Those are some impressive movies you've dissed on though. I haven't seen either one so I can't comment about them other than I know they were up for awards!

    I love the piano as well and played the clarinet when I was in school years ago. One of my granddaughters plays now and I listed it as one of my favorite instruments to listen to!

    Have a great day!

  2. For me too ! Blogging "infects" my life, lol !

  3. My mom was on her way to being a great concert pianist when she met my dad and gave up her aspirations. But she is our church pianist and growing up, she was always writing songs and playing wonderful music. She gave me a great appreciation of the classical composers and their music. Yeah, I love the piano too.

    Also, I kinda liked Michael Clayton, which is weird, 'cause it's not my kind of movie at all.

  4. We share the soup... and the need to have the two kids play the same. LOL!

    My friday's feast is ready for you at:

    Laane on the World

  5. Having spent 6 years in the public school band and orchestra programs I have great respect for any mother who can enjoy clarinet and trumpet duets.

    I, too, love the piano. Like Sniz my mom played the piano, and the organ, at church and at home. She loved Stephen Foster, so we learned many of his songs, she also loved the classics and chop sticks. We learned to appreciate all kinds of music.

  6. Michael Clayton wasn't good?
    Thanks for the warning.

    Some days I miss the feast, and then most I don't but I love to read them from my pals :)


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