Monday, March 31, 2008

A Fool and His Money...

Heads or Tails - Today’s Topic: Heads - Fool! In honor of April fool’s day.

“A fool and his money are soon parted.”
--Thomas Tusser, English farmer and writer, 1524-1580

There are so many excellent quotes about fools and foolishness, but this one is most appropriate for me right now. My husband and I have been having a tiff about money for over a week now that all started with this incident.

Hubby recently lost his personal debit card. Actually, he didn’t lose it; he let his daughters use it, one who can’t keep up with her driver’s license, and another who loses gift cards all the time and can’t remember to get her lunch out of the refrigerator in the morning, neither daughter extremely responsible, and guess what? They lost it.

He (in his foolishness), parted with his money (to the daughters) in the form of a debit card, now lost. The problem for me? He’s also parted with MY money! Since his card has been lost, all of his little charges keep adding up on OUR account (we keep an "ours" account and our separate personal accounts). He acrues several debits per day, making it impossible for me to keep an accurate balance, causing me to look like the bad guy when I question whether he’s paid back the expenses which are clearly designated to be paid from our personal accounts so that we will be able cover the general budget issues (such as house note, insurance, electricity) with our account, the way it’s supposed to be. It's just aggravating!
Update: The card was replaced, and he has no charges to pay in regards to that one. But I'm still dealing with figuring out our situation since he used our joint account while his card was lost. And he gets angry at me for questioning his debits.
Here’s hoping no one plays any April fool’s day jokes on you!
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  1. I hope ya'll let the bank know.

    I'm guessing there might be a bit of tension because he loaned it to his daughter's knowing their history?

    I used to keep track of our finances until hubby decided he wanted to do it. It's SO hard to not keep asking him if he's written in all the debits that add up so quickly.


  2. argghh...I was in a position like that once and it's no bowl of fun. Good luck!

  3. don't remember anyone ever playing an April Fool's joke on me...maybe because it is my birthday, and people are typically nice a girl on her birthday!

    love the story about daddy's debt card...

  4. your hubby and I went to the same school of hubby finds it aggravating too!!!

  5. ....well, now. I must be a fool. Why my money is gone before I get it!! That must count for some kinda fool then, huh?

    My April Fool was born today. Come by if you can find time and celebrate her birth with me!!! And enjoy the little story behind her birth.

  6. Hope he gets a replacement card very soon.

  7. Yes, that sort of situation is a nuisance to deal with. I hope you get it all straightened out soon and resolve your differences. Good luck!

  8. How frustrating!

    I’m stopping by to let you know that I’ve got a book up for grabs in my April Pay It Forward Book Exchange. Stop by for details on how to win.

  9. My husband was horrible with his debit card so now it is no more, I had enough.
    I hope he cancelled the card and is getting a replacement.
    Happy H or T

  10. Ah, money... so wonderful and so terrible both. Hope you and your husband work this out and peace reigns again soon. Happy April Fool's Day!

  11. I can't imagine how frustrating and upset you must be! I'm totally feeling for ya here, because my husband has a bad habit of 'misplacing' things.


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