Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

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I had a fantastic Friday! A few friends of mine belong to a church that used to host a scrapbooking time once a month. Well, they stopped doing this for about six months, but it has restarted, and I am so happy! I rarely have time to scrap at home because I am either A) cleaning, B) on the Internet, C) being disrupted by my family for one reason or another, D) grading papers or planning lessons, or E) finding something else I have to do! Besides, I need a place where I won't be in anyone's way, and they won't be in mine. More on that later.

Friday was fabulous. I didn't get a whole lot done because we also had dinner and a devotional, plus it's time to catch up with friends and make some new ones. I did get TWO 2-page layouts done, although they aren't my best efforts. It's more to add to the book!

As for my goals... I want to get at least one 2-page layout done every week. I'm already working on this week's, and it's taking me a little longer. You'll see why next week. I'm also considering going the digital route when I get to a point where I've got enough pictures saved to do so. See, I am still scrapping Easter of 2001. Yes, I am ashamed to admit it, but I am almost 7 whole years behind! If I decide to go digital, it won't be completely digital because I love the 12x12 layouts, and I will still want to do some of the photos I have by hand like team photos and school pictures because, quite frankly, I love the craftiness of it all. But I've got to get caught up one of these days. I took a break to do a Coloradao album and my wedding album (2nd marriage, so not very long.)

Also, when we got married 3 years ago, the plan was that I would have one of the bedrooms (there are five) for my stuff - computer, TV, phone, scrapbooking, school work. That didn't work out because the two who were sharing a room didn't really take to it, so everyone has their own bedroom. Now, one of them has gone off to college. Do I get my room yet? No. My husband doesn't want her to "lose" her room yet, even though she's not even here that much. It's a sticky situation. Here are two things I would love to have:

I am also working on getting organized so I can have everything in one place without having to unpack a million things to find one item. My husband is actually going to help me with shelving, etc. We're thinking I might be able to set up shop in the breakfast room since we don't really use it. (We do use the dining room, though. We're not heathens who eat over the sink!)

Bonus Question: I prefer to work with friends because we share a common interest, we giggle, we have fun. But I get more work done alone! And as I mentioned, I rarely scrap at home right now because of the lack of available space, but I'm working on it! Thanks for visiting me.


  1. wow look at you!! i want to scrapbook but i just cant get into it...i have tons of stuff i have bought, but not a single page has been put together...maybe someday!

  2. Two layouts is great-- I'd never get that many done while socializing, I do more talking than crafting in those situations! I especially like your red layout. :)

  3. Good for you! I'm hoping to have some time to scrap today or tonight since I haven't had any this week. Yay! for a scrappy space! We don't have any extra rooms or space really so I pull my stuff to the table, but I am thinking of a new solution to that issue. Just may take some time. Have a great week!

  4. Fabulous layouts! I like the hearts on the second layout they really stand out! Great job! I hope you eventually get your own space. It makes a world of differnece. My craft room isnt' complete but I couldn't wait any more and I moved in and even though its not fully organized no shelving its getting there and for now it works and I get so much more accomplished. Before my the time I found the stuff I needed for a page or card I was to tired to do the page and then you had to but it all away it was like I was spending more time pulling the stuff out and putting it away. Good luck!

  5. Your projects look great! And I just love how organized you are! Happy Sunday! :-)

  6. I hear you about digital scrapbooking! I have actually been trying it out recently because I am SO behind!!! Even more behind than you, I think!

    I think I've decided that I will scrapbook everything digital from 2004 on (that's when I got my digital camera) and paperscrap everything I already have pictures printed from...

  7. What talent and determination! Congratulations for making time to do such beautiful and meaningful work!

  8. Don't worry about being behind. I had a friend get caught up and she wasn't sure what to do next and got bored.

    Good luck with the digital route. I am not computer literate enough to be able to figure it out.

    I hope you get your own space soon. Someday I will to...

  9. Those layouts are awesome! ANd I understand about the space issue... you'll work it out though. HAve a great week!

  10. That's funny, I just got rid of my paper racks because having the paper out in the open like that was TOO handy for my kiddos!

  11. Scrapbooking and doesn't get any better than that! :)

    Don't feel bad about being behind by 7 years... I am too. lol :)

  12. Oh I've been workin' on organizing too.....I'd also LOVE that paper organizer!!! I sooooo want my own Stamp Room in our new house......someday........LOL!!


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