Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

I am having so much fun blog-hopping with the Ultimate Blog Party sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom, (scroll down for my party post) but I love scrapbooking and had to take a break to do Sunday Scrappin'!

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This week I finished a page that I had started last week. It's an Easter layout. It's supposed to look like a church, door, windows, bell, steps, etc., but my son says it looks more like a school. I think he's right. I didn't have room for the steeple! As it was, I had to crop my pix small. Oh well. I'm proud of myself for getting it done anyway.

I also got started on getting pictures in my cute, little Hallmark pre-made holiday scrapbook. In addition, I am slowly getting my craft items organized, trying to find a logical organization for everything and a home for all the items.

I have a question for the digital scrapbookers... What programs do you use? I had one called "Creating Keepsakes," and I loved it, but we have Vista, so it's no longer compatible with our computers. Any suggestions? Smilebox is cute, but you have to pay for membership in order to save and print. What's the point if you can't save and print? Any good software recommendations out there?

The plan this week is to finish the holiday book (it is small), continue to organize, start a new layout so one day I might catch up, and to research digital scrapbook programs.

Bonus Questions: What's on your craft supply wishlist right now?
In the way of supplies, I need a new tape runner. Easy enough to get.

My biggest "wish" is to get my paper organized and ACCESSIBLE. I found scrap-eze vertical paper storage, which holds about 600 sheets of paper without damaging the edges, and I'd love to have a couple. They're about $35 each.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to visit for Sunday Scrappers!


  1. hi there! love the layout! the only thing i have on my scrapper's wishlist is my scrapping MOJO!!! i am going away for a sbg weekend with 3 friends and i'm hoping to find my mojo before i leave!!!

  2. I love your layout! Very nice! I'm not a digital scrapbooker but I collect the free kits and save them to my computer in hopes to use them one day. LOL! I like there program is free download and they do have free kits that they offer each week or month. They also have kits to purchase. Hope that helps.


  3. I like that layout- you're very creative!

    I haven't ventured into digital scrapbooking yet, but I've been seriously considering it lately. I'll be back to see what sugggestions you get!

  4. Hi, Diana, thanks for visiting me while party hopping! Glad you stopped by. Sounds like you are a very busy mom & are busy with the scrapbooking.

    Hope you'll drop by again,

  5. Good, realistic wish list. There was a Hallmark store going out of business by our house and I bought 3 paper racks that have 16 slots. You know how they have folded packages of wrapping paper? Those are 12X12, so my paper fits perfectly. I try to organize them by color. I love them...
    I just bought tape runner refills yesterday...I go through that stuff like no one's business. I figure I am frugal in so many ways but I always allow myself to have a good tape runner on hand.

  6. You don't have to subscribe to Smilebox to create, save, blog or email your scrapbook.

  7. Thanks, Andrew. I really want to be able to print, too. I've used the create, save, and email features. I would like to have a hard copy. I'm going to check into it a bit more. Thanks for your help.

  8. Very cute layout!!! And I'm with ya on the storage.....I definitely need some more storage ideas!! As for digiscrapping, I've only done a little, but I have Photoshop Elements. My dd is wonderful with it while I'm still learning!!

  9. Great layout! Best of luck with your goals for this week. :)

  10. Cute layout. I'm glad you got it done this week :)

    I now run a Mac, but when I was using a PC, I loved Microsoft Digital Image Pro for scrapbooking -- easy to use and it's an older program so it's cheap.

  11. Cute layout .. yes, it does look more like a schoolhouse. I can see it done with some primary colors for a back-to-school theme. :-)


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