Saturday, March 29, 2008

Out of this World

(This prompt was inspired by Sunday Scribblings. The theme this week is “Out of this World.”)
Circa 1981, I’m sitting on the plush carpet of the family room floor of my boyfriend’s house, completely enthralled and mesmerized by… Space Invaders! Does anyone out there remember this game? I could play it for hours!

Space Invaders hit US markets in 1980 or 1981. Luckily for me, I dated a boy who was fortunate enough to have an Atari 2600 game system. I only had Pong – remember that? I’m really dating myself now.

This game was amazing! High technology for its day and time. The game itself is very simple. You shoot at aliens moving across the screen and try to hide behind barriers to avoid missiles sent down by the aliens. Occasionally a UFO glides across the top of the screen, and if you hit it, you earn bonus points. You must shoot all of the aliens before they work their way down the screen to attack you, and you must do this with three “lives.”
I read some interesting trivia and actually played a game of it tonight. Wanna try? Click here.

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  1. Space Invaders RAD!!!

    i personally rocked out on frogger..i was the house champ!!

  2. For me, it was Galaxian. Talk about dating myself, I remember my roommate senior year of college winning a Space Invaders arcade game. She kept it for years and years. She's still ticked her father gave it away after it sat for 10 or so years in his garage.

  3. My game was Ms. Pacman, which I wasted many hours with. I still find myself playing games on my computer when I've absolutely assured myself that I would get some real work done.

    That was a really original take on the prompt!

  4. be vigilant - the training will be needed...


  5. I had pong too! How sad is that? My speciality is Galaga. I have never seen my children look at me with such awe and admiration as they did when I reached level 37 (or something like that) at Disney World. They had thought I was electronically challenged (shhh, I am, I just played a LOT of Galaga in High school.
    I've actually come to ask for a recipe. Where do you keep them? ;-)

  6. The only computer game I've ever played, and then only as a novelty.

  7. I loved Pong so much, I have it again! Yes! And loved the first Nintendo console and games - amazing how time flies and some of the old stuff is just as fun now as it was then.

  8. haha I remember space invaders, and Pong! Like granny above, Ms. Pacman was my absolute favorite, but when the kids played it on there new fangeled gadgets, I am lost without the Old fashioned joystick. This side to side button thing has me totally confused and hitting the walls of the maze! haha Great memory from this post! :)

  9. There are darn few video games that I ever was decent at. Missile Command and Galaga. The noise that Space Invaders made as they advanced on you gave me the creeps. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

  10. The original and the best! At least I knew what I was doing - unlike the games of today which are a total mystery to me!


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