Sunday, March 02, 2008

Empowerment and Sibling Rivalry

Writer's Island is a place for expressing oneself through writing. The main topic for this week is the word "empowered." Below is a brief account of how I became empowered. The secondary topic, or Matinee Muse, is "rivalry." Following my piece on empowerment is a poem about sibling rivalry in my household.


I have never felt less powerful than when my ex-husband told me in a voice completely devoid of emotion, that he did not love me anymore. It was a week before Christmas of 1999. A slow and painful death occurred, our marriage of seven years. We had beautiful three and a half year old twins, a home, good jobs, nice vehicles, and it was gone almost overnight with absolutely no warning at all.

I am happy to say that I am so much better off now. Being a single mom empowered me in ways I never thought possible. Yes, I leaned on others for support at times, but I learned to depend on myself and to have confidence that I could do anything that I needed or wanted to do.

I am happily re-married now, but being alone is not at all terrifying to me. I am completely confident of my ability to make my way in this world. Independence is a truly empowering feeling.

Sibling Rivalry (written December 17, 2007)

Among siblings
For attention.
Step-kids, biological kids.
Can get ugly;
Rivals should be friends.
Breeds resentment, not contentment,
Vying for equity,
Striving to outrank,
Red hot lava boiling to the surface.
He said, she said, she said!
He did, she did, she did!
Who decides…
How come she gets…
Why doesn’t my mom…
Jealousy, the green-eyed monster,
Lurks within the walls
With ears perked and prepared
For that juicy bit that will set off
The Explosion!
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  1. I hope I can learn to survive on my lonesome like you did.

  2. What a terrible thing to do right before Christmas. The cruelty in people's hearts never ceases to amaze me; yet, you found your inner strength through this and for this, this was a gift.

  3. Life can be terrible, but good on you for getting through it.
    Those who have never experienced sudden changes when everything seemed so good are very lucky, indeed.

  4. I learned the same way you did. It has been over fifteen years. I'm stronger. Still alone. I always will be. It has become who I am. Just me. But that's okay. I know this Me. I like her.

  5. That is wonderful writing! It sounds like my kids and step-kids when they'd get together. My significant other still treats his kids better than mine and it makes me so mad! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. wow! i admire you for getting through that challenging time. good luck to your life now and i hope the future challenges will be easier.


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