Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deja Vu and Persistence - Writer's Island

This week’s, and the twenty seventh Writer’s Island prompt is: “Déjà vu”.

What inner chord might “Déjà vu” strike? Please share with us what resonates for you!

••> This week we turn to the wonderful new movie release, Under The Same Moon, as the source of our fifth Matinee Muse prompt — “Persistence”. See if that stirs your creative juices. The movie will stir your heart.

"Déjà vu"

A dizzying, fish-in-my-brain, head-swimming feeling washes over me.
Weak knees give way beneath me.
I observe the filmy, milk white edges of my tunnel vision.
It's familiar, yet foreign.
I've never been here in my life, but I've been here!


We "live" with persistent salespeople. What are ya gonna do?

Take door-to-door magazine salespeople. I'm in the middle of cooking a lovely meal for a hungry family of six when, ding-dong, the doorbell rings. I answer the door as I wipe my hands on a dish towel only to see an unknown hand thrust at me as if I were seeing a long-lost buddy. I don't know that person! Worse, I don't know where that hand has been.

Instead of getting to the point, the salesperson drones into a long saga about the program with whom he is connected, how it's kept him honest and off the streets, and how it's teaching him values the rest of society, not to mention his own parents, failed to teach him. He interjects comments and compliments implying my own good, personal values and ethics making me feel rather ashamed that I'd really like to be rude and shut the door in his face.

He is so smooth and persistent that we've had a twenty minute conversation before he ever gets to the heart of what he is selling and how I can help him achieve a bonus. He's relentless and tenacious, and I'm doomed. I'll take one of everything, please.

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  1. The last line is great. I love how you ended it.

  2. Good takes on the theme. You worked it well.

  3. LOL, how true this is - except for the last line? That was too funny!

  4. lol...this was sucha good take...how could i forget the persistent sales people...and the last line was the best


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