Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Won't you join us with your paper-related crafting? Visit Sunday Scrappin', hosted by the talented Amy, to get all the details and to see what other crafters are doing. It's easy! Post your ta-da's, your to-do's, share your challenge, if you participated, and link back to Sunday Scrappin'.

My Ta-Da's!

1. This was the page I had intended to use for the mono-chromatic challenge. It's my first layout of Cozumel pictures that I've been trying to finish for 2-3 weeks. It's finally done! I used a layout suggestion from 52 Sketches. I used three shades of blue card stock, my paper trimmer, CM round punch, CM wavy trimmer, CM journaling pens, and CM corner rounder. This one, I kept simple.

2. This is the page I intended to use for the "animal" challenge. It has mermaid and fish. It is a premade page I purchased from ebay a while back, so all I had to do was add photos and journaling. I prefer to design my own layouts, but sometimes I see one that is premade that I like, and it saves time when you are as far behind as I am.

3. I didn't get to the lace challenge from weeks ago or to this week's sparkly challenge. I was out of town for almost a week. I did take lots of photos while we were in Arizona, and I can't wait to scrap them.

My To-Do's!

1. Complete at least one 2-page layout for the Cozumel album.

2. Shop for some better adhesives and a new tape runner. Please feel free to recommend what works best for you.

3. Organize my stickers by type: travel, cruise, school, holidays, etc. Mine are in a PSB (paper sticker binder), but does anyone know a way of organizing stickers that is easier and more at your fingertips when you are scrapping? Are there any of you who continue to use stickers, or do you prefer to use other types of embellishments?

Also, does anyone have suggestions on storing embellishments, flowers, ribbons, etc. I have my brads in a case (probably meant to be a tackle box), and I am curious to find out other ways that people organize all of their embellishments together.

Next Week's Challenge, in honor of the July 4th holiday, is to create something patriotic. I think I can do that! Have a good week everyone!


  1. I'm so glad someone is getting some scrap booking done because it sure isn't me!

    Congratulations, you won my Pay It Forward book exchange this month so stop by and send me your mailing info to my email.

  2. Your pages are great. I'll have to check out the 52 Sketches blog, I love sketches.

    I have bought several tape runners from Walmart, dollar store etc and I have never been happy with them. I have the Stampin Up one and I love it, no compliants at all.

    Here is a link to an old blog post of mind that shows some of my organization items it the background of the one picture of the pickle jar you will see a a holder with little drawers that actually is a nut and bolt holder that I picked up 2 at the hardware store 1. holds eyelets (they are sorted by color and theme in each drawer) and the 2 is for brads (sorted the same way). The holders have larger drawers on the bottom and that's where I keep my flowers and other larger items. For my stickers and other embellishments have the totes with the drawers and I get the ones that the drawers pull right out so if I need say birhtday items I pull that drawer out and put it on the desk with me instead of keep going back and forth. Each of the drawers have their own theme in it (birthday, disney, flowers, zoo/animals, etc). Hope this helps you.

  3. I have always been a glue stick girl myself, until very recently- now that I'm doing lots of swaps, I find that the glue sticks don't hold up as well on pages to be mailed (but are fine for pages staying in an album). Recently I was given a UHO Adhesive Pen to try and I LOVE it- I will be looking for them in stores. And, I'm glad you brought that up, because I keep forgetting to write the review on my blog- oops!

    Your Cozumel layouts look great- that clean blue reminds me of the water there. :)

  4. I wish I were an avid scrap-booker. I have lots of photos and other stuff that needs to be put together and saved. However, I just don't get it. Scrap booking is the furthest thing down on my list of things I'm gonna do someday. lol I like your pages. Wanna do mine?

  5. When you have a chance send me your email address and I can share some other things with you. My email is mickey8888ATverizonDOTnet

  6. Your layouts are gorgoeus, love the idea of the pre-made page.

    I store my embellishments according to colour and I have the Clip-It-Up so I used a folder sleeve and have ebverything white in one, yellow etc.

    I add ribbons, rubons, stickers, letters, flowers everything except brads and eyelets. Its too easy.


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