Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #31

Welcome to my Thursday Thirteen edition of

“It’s Not Just for _________________ Anymore!”

I’ve been in technology workshops the last few days, and as I was “manipulating” an “image” and a “soundrack,” I realized there are so many words we use in these digital imaging and media programs that not too long ago had much more mundane associations.

1. Resolution – Not just for the New Year anymore!
The degree of sharpness of an image measured in pixels or dots-per-inch

2. Lasso – Not just for Cowboys anymore!
A precise selection tool in digital imaging programs

3. Eyedropper – Not just for Medicine anymore!
A tool used to repair red-eye in photos

4. Filter – Not just for Cigarettes anymore!
Used to apply special effects to an image

5. Layers – Not just a Hairstyle anymore!
Stacked portions of an edited image

6. Merge – Not just for Traffic anymore!
Combining layers to reduce file size
7. Marquee’ – Not just for Movie Theaters anymore!
Another selection tool in digital imaging programs

8. Magic Wand – Not just for Magicians anymore!
Used to select certain colors in an image

9. Menu – Not just for Restaurants anymore!
A list of options available in a program

10. Feather – Not just for 70’s Hairstyles anymore!
Creates a soft edge on an image
11. Extractor – Not just for Dentists anymore!
Yet another selection tool for digital imaging

12. Level – Not just for Carpenters anymore!
Used to straighten an image

13. Cookie Cutter – Not just for Baking anymore!
Used to crop a shape into an image

Oh, yes, there are so many more! Crop, gradient, borders, and so on. But this IS Thursday Thirteen. Hope you enjoyed this!

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  1. The first time I heard "cookies" concerning the computer, I had no idea what they meant. It just made me hungry!

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really interesting food for thought.

  4. That's really interesting! Makes me want to go try!

  5. Woah! Not just for horses anymore. Exclamation voiced when one is floored by 13 new facts in a single T-13! Good one!

  6. That is some great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Happy TT:)

  7. I'm proud to say I knew most of those from a photoshop class I helped at for one of our customer benefits! I can't say I use them frequently, but I knew them! ;)

  8. Sounds like you've been having fun. Happy TT.

  9. I've been using Paint Shop Pro for years and love everything I've's fun and can be very educational...I find myself now watching animated movies with much more interest than just the story if you know what I mean.

    My 13 is posted, come join me?
    Happy Thursday.

  10. Despite my dad's best attempts, I know very little about digital photo manipulation (or art. Depends on what you're doing), so this list is teaching me things. Thanks.

    I love the way you laid it out, too. It's not for ____ anymore. VERY clever!

  11. I enjoyed it, having used all these words without thinking about their new meanings versus the old. Then again, observation has never been my strong point; now I'll probably be thinking about this blog every time I use the lingo.

  12. Happy TT! Great list here! mine's up too hope you can drop by.

  13. Um, yeah. I have a copy of Photoshop CS3 and have no clue where to begin. This helps in a weird way. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy TT! It's been a while. I'll visit you soon again.

  14. This is fascinating. I really never knew what some of these things meant! :) I'm a total dork, I know

  15. Wow! I'd never thought about these things in just this way before. What an interesting way to look at it all. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy TT!

  16. and apparently blogging is not just for "geeks" anymore :)
    nice job of breaking it on down!


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