Sunday, June 29, 2008


Boy, do I need a dream catcher!

What a NIGHTMARE during my nap a couple of days ago, the day before my twins returned from their two week visit with their dad, and shortly after my husband and I returned from our trip to Arizona.! This one was so intricate, and it left me feeling haunted for the rest of the day.

I have written about crazy dreams/nightmares before, and I've written about recurring dreams before. I can't even begin to describe this dream in all its vividness, and I think if I described the entire dream, some of you might think I was seriously disturbed. Granted, you may already think that! LOL

Let me give you the gist. My husband and I along with my twins and oldest step-daughter and our dog, Rocky, were on vacation in Arizona. It didn't resemble the Arizona we just visited in real life, but it was Arizona in my dream. I don't know why the oldest step-daughter wasn't with us. Off somewhere with friends, probably.

My girl twin and I had gone off alone in a car to explore. I let her drive. SHE'S 12! We kept going up and down hills and through the casinos and resorts and around more curves than a roller coaster. The driveways of the hotels were actually part of the street. You couldn't go around them. At one point, the drive was actually part of a water ride. I took over driving, and Ang was supposed to be looking at some photos on the laptop. She fell asleep, and I reached over and pulled her hair hard, my tender-headed child, until she woke up. She told me she had lost $500 that morning when she was hanging out our hotel window. Someone had snatched it from her. Where did she get $500? She said it was her brother's money that he got from selling junk he didn't want anymore.

Neither of us could remember where we were staying, the name or location. (Maybe that's why I call myself Forgetfulone?) I would remember that in real life, though. We drove in the general direction. All of a sudden, we were on a motorcycle - yes - with the cell phone and computer with us, but the cell phone was losing power.

I'm going to leave out a lot of this. We ended up finding one place open, a smoky bar where only one person spoke English. She was supposed to help us get a phone book. That didn't work out, so we were back outside looking around (leaving out some scary stuff here, too). Anyway, I went in to plead with the girl at the bar to call 911. I thought Ang was right behind me. She wasn't. I went back outside only to find the computer smashed to the ground and my daughter gone.

Frantically I searched for her through narrow streets enclosed on two sides by rock walls. At one point, giant gopher-like animals were dropping ceramic bowls on the street below to break them. I found three cardboard boxes, and that's where I found my daughter, unharmed.

I'll leave out a bit more craziness and end this by saying we never found our way home before I woke up! Why couldn't I remember the name or location of the place where we were staying? Why didn't my husband try to call me? Wasn't he worried? Why was no one on the street or out and about, and how come no one could speak English? And who took Angela? How was I able to find her so easily, unharmed? And what's with the gophers and the ceramic bowls? And why was I letting a 12 year old drive in the first place? And how did we suddently go from a car to a motorcycle?

Oh, I left out so much because this dream was too vivid and too weird. Correction: NIGHTMARE. Thank God it wasn't real! Care to comment?


  1. I wish I had your whole dream. I’ve been to several dream seminars, was for a time quite involved in dream interpretation. I would love to try and interpret the whole dream. The person driving the vehicle is in charge of your life or the situation at hand. When you go up hill it’s the correct direction that you’re going, if it’s down hill then it’s the wrong direction. Water is emotions. Sounds like your daughter was in control and the situation took you all over the emotional spectrum. Listen to your dreams they do speak volumes and often people can decipher certain life complexities which might leave you otherwise perplexed. Try to get a hold of one of Betty Bethards dream books! So much more to interpret there!

  2. WOW...what a total trip!!

    i wish i could remember what i dream (even the nightmares). you should most def try and get an interpretation on this one...its CRAZY!

  3. E-GAWD! Vivd and weird nightmares can really haunt us...

    Wishing you sweet dreams!

  4. Hey girl! Nightmare, maybe! But it sure did make for a fun post!

    I have had dreams like this. I used to have recurring dreams like this. I had a recurring dream when I was a kid that had weird people up on the rooftops of the garages overlooking our long alley. When we would be trying to walk by to go home, they would throw knives at us and the knives would slice the skin off our backs and we didn't bleed. Instead it looked like head cheese!

    I have had haunting dreams that leave you in a state of unrest all day, I don't know why we get these dreams. I do know, if I drink caffeine before bed, I tend to have crazy dreams. I honestly wouldn't put too much into it. Dreams are random thoughts and memories that get mixed together in a colorful action packed adventure. I used to dream I could fly, I've gone down in many plane crashes, fallen from cliffs and gently pulled out all of my teeth, many times in dreams before. So who knows...just pray about it and let it go, I don't think your dreams are trying to "tell" you anything. That's just a way for people to try and take the focus off of God. I've had crazy-CRAZY dreams before and then couldn't remember them as soon as I woke up. People who put too much emphasis into the 'meaning' of dreams is just trying to make money off of people's paranoia! :-) Just my opinion....


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