Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Party

My Daughter's Twelfth Birthday Party.

I continue to experience the many joys of having twins - another birthday party within the same week! If you didn't see the pix I posted of my son's baseball-themed party, click HERE to go to that post.

My daughter had her party Saturday night, complete with games, giggles, gifts, and great fun! She wanted a sleepover party, so I had to come up with lots of activities to keep them busy in order to avoid the almost-inevitable hurt feelings/tears/drama of 12 year olds. I'm happy to say it worked, and we had an awesome time! I don't think anyone felt left out at any time, and the only tears were those of my daughter when she thought her friend lost her shoe... I'm not going to go into any particulars about this part, but let's just say I'm glad we didn't get caught!

We did have a run-in with the police. We were playing truth-or-dare (more about that in a minute), and one of the girls had to shout, "I'm a nerd" at three passing cars. Wouldn't you know it? The third car that just happened to be going by was a police car. The girls ran back to the house, and I sheepishly explained what we were doing and assured him all was well. He was actually very nice about it.

Just a tip if you ever have a party where the kids will be doing games in teams... Change the teams every time you change the game and make them draw numbers for teams. This was a lifesaver. The girls didn't fall into cliques or gossip about each other or make anyone feel left out.

Here's what we did:

The girls signed a poster for my daughter as they arrived.

Two Truths and a Lie - We did this while we ate pizza.

A scavenger hunt in teams while it was still daylight.

The candy name game - they thought this was hard! We played a scaled down version of the one in the link.

The toothpick game - they were quiet for almost three minutes!

Song Charades - I had "regular" songs and baby songs to choose from. Team game.

Of course, we ate cake and ice cream! This is one of the cakes - the one we DIDN'T eat because they thought it was too cute, and NO, I didn't make this myself!

Drama in a bag (just for fun) in teams. They like to write skits. The bag had props they had to use in their performance.

Truth or Dare with pre-selected questions and activities.

Pajama Contest.

And they also made bath salts and cute flip-flops (see them in the picture above?) and talked and sang and laughed.

Throughout the night they could earn "money" which they spent at an "auction" for inexpensive prizes like candy, gum, nail polish, journals, and so on.

We ended with a movie, and they fell asleep.

I need to recuperate now! I'm getting too old for this!

(I got lots of ideas at the links above and at Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids.)


  1. You are an incredible mother....fair and loving! What a great party, I remember when...... exhausting but unforgettable!
    Great idea breaking up the teams...really keeps things even!
    So many fun little events you had planned...I'm sure they'll remember it forever....My daughter does and we often reminisce! Kudos to you for all you work and big love you have for your children!

    You are giving you kids a wonderful gift when you teach them to have economical fun! I see that now that my daughter is grown!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. WOW - you are a fabulous mom! I think that is the best party I have ever heard of - she must have been so happy.

    Hope to see you soon - take care- Kellan

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  4. Sounds like a great time. I love the cake!

  5. WHat a GREAT party! AWESOME!

  6. What a fun party! I love that one told the cop she was a nerd! How funny! It looks like a great time! Oh and love the advice about switching up the teams etc. I'll have to remember that FOR SURE!

  7. I'm moving in with you. Everything is partying at your house. You are a great mom and always go the extra mile. I miss those days.

  8. How wonderful! You do such a great job with the twins - allowing them to be close and yet different. It's a real skill. And what a great party!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Nice party. I love the idea of the re-making the teams each time you do a different game. Reminds me of a free party guide I found on

  10. wowzer!! this is the BEST sleep over party EVER!! i am tired just reading it and soooo very impressed!!

    sorry i haven't been around much. i have been doing most of my reading via google reader, it's just the only way i seem to be able to keep up. summer is here and i am not infront of the computer as much. BUT i did see the super cute party you had for you boy a while rock!

    seriously mom of the year nod for you!!

  11. wow awesome party ,lucky girl to have a great mom like you


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