Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kids' Rooms

Laura over at Organizing Junkie hosts an organization challenge each month. She calls it
the monthly organizing round-up. The kids' rooms were the challenge for the month of May. While I am far behind, I am going to post my progress anyway. I worked long and hard to get these rooms looking better.

Here is my son's "before" room:

The closet is rather dark. That's one of the things I had to do was repair the light fixture in there. We also moved the desk out completely. We may replace it later with a roll top desk that my sister doesn't need any longer - one that will match the furniture in there. Notice the messy books and the messy bed.

Here is his "after" room:

The spot on the bed are actually from my camera. The bookcase is organized, and the room is rearranged. I added extra shelves to his closet for his school binders, shoes, and legos. Legos are all in containers now. I put all of his unused hangers at the top so he can find them when he is hanging his clothes. I also got rid of old shoes and clothes he had outgrown I cleaned off his dresser, and it got a good dusting that was desperately needed.

Here is my daughter's "before" room:

The closet is not so bad, but notice all those stuffed animals, clean clothes waiting to be hung, The messy bed, and the miscellaneous items on the floor in her room?

Here is my daughter's "after" room:

Notice the desk has been streamlined. The bed is made. There is a huge jumbo toy net in the corner for the stuffed animals that were on the floor, and most of the miscellaneous things have found a home.Even the closet is organized.

I would eventually had done this whether I was meeting a challenge or not. I would have made it a personal challenge, but thanks for Organizing Junkie, I got it complete sooner, even though I missed the May "deadline" to have it done. I'm just glad I did it! I threw out trash, sacked a bunch of donations for Purple Heart, and generally made things look nice and more organized for them. Thanks, Laura!


  1. WOW - that is great - I will have to start this project for sure...I am feeling a bit over whelmed with our clutter!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the green in your daughter's room. It's so springy! You did am awesome job on both!

  3. Kids rooms sure do get messy, don't they. Great job reorganizing them - they look great!

    Have a good day - nice to see you - Kellan

  4. Wow, I'm impressed....I don't do the kids rooms anymore, I get too frustrated when they are a mess a few days later again.

  5. Both room look so good. Now the trick is getting them to keep their rooms looking good! I really need one of those net things for all of my daughter's stuffed animals.

  6. well done. I might have to do it everyday. but I don't :D

  7. WOW -- looks great!

  8.'re my hero. I'm in awe :)


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