Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 Word Wednesday

This is my second time to participate in 3 Word Wednesday. This week's words are frequent, open, and someday. Actually, these are LAST week's words, June 18. Maybe I'll try again with the words for the 25th. By the way, this is fiction.

Ages ago, we would frequent the department stores in the Galleria, my best friend and I. That was back when the “blue law” was in effect and stores were not open on Sunday. We’d spend hours on Saturday strolling through Neiman’s and Saks, trying on ridiculously expensive dresses and shoes. We always ended with lunch at The Magic Pan after we’d chosen the perfect ensemble, complete with accessories, striving for a bit of glamour in our lives. That was before reality: the husband, the job, four kids, the mortgage, and credit card bills. Now, we meet once a month for lunch at Chili’s or spend an afternoon walking the aisles of Target, if we’re lucky. Someday, if we work hard enough now, maybe we will have the opportunity to relive those glorious, carefree weekends.

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  1. I remember those days too - those were good ol' days!!!

    Have a good evening - see you - Kellan

  2. I remember blue laws! We'd window shop the Galleria after church on Sunday afternoons. When I moved to California, all my new friends said I was making up stories, they just wouldn't believe me.

  3. hiya! laugh lines... yip, got them too, mmmmmm, sometimes i mind, sometimes not, depends on my 'forgiveness' level of the day... anyway, thanks for popping in my side. aaaand, i also just made it to 42, my bean's 12, a hooligan and the only one. twins, shooo, couldn't have been easy!

  4. If I've got your blue law right, a similar thing happened in the UK some years ago. All but essential shops were shut on Sunday, then suddenly they could open, and it became just another day like all others.

  5. great use of the prompts Diane! Those days sound wonderful, but as we age we realize... it's that great time spent with the friend that counts and Not so much Where your speding it. Target or Saks, the friendship is the true enjoyment. :)

  6. Awww, cute! :)

    Reality does cut into those times, but now you know to truly cherish every one of those times with her, right?


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