Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Do you enjoy scrapbooking or paper related crafts? If so, this is the meme for you. Sunday Scrappin' is hoted by Amy. Here's what you do: To join in the fun, your post should include your craft-related TA-DA's, your TO-DO's for the week, and your answer to this week's bonus question or challenge (optional). After you post, sign the Mr. Linky at the SS page so everyone can share. And if you don't want to participate, but you want to take a look, click on over!

My TA-DA's - This week I completed all of last week's to-do's.

1. Participate in the Sunday Scrappin' challenge to use paper from my collection that I DON'T LIKE and create with it.

2. I worked the challenge into my number 2, to make at least one scrapbook page. My page is about my mom's retirement from teaching.

3. I ordered stackable paper organziers for my scrapbook table.

4. Made my daughter's birthday invitations.

My TO-DO's

1. This week I want to organize my paper when I receive the shelves.

2. I want to create a layout of pix from my Cozumel trip with my husband.

3. I am going to get ideas from 52 Sketches. The layout is the hardest part for me, and I'm so glad I found this site because, kind of like PageMaps, the sketches are there, so you already have a layout guide to follow. I like the 52 Sketches site because she doesn't mind if I print some of her archived sketches for personal use, and she has a challenge with each weekly sketch, and I need to stay motivated. I can go see photos of how other people interpreted the sketch.


Create something using paper that I don't like. The picture doesn't look as horrid as it does in real life. Here it is:

I used the paper I don't like as background for the photos. It matched well with some solid paper that I had. Here is what I created:

For next week:

Next week's challenge is to make something in a monochromatic color scheme. Pick a color, any color, and make the majority of your project from various shades of that one color. I can do this!


  1. The blue balloons in the pictures and lovely flower accents really match the so-called UGLY paper and it looks great - all of it! Great work!

  2. You matched that paper up with some great accents- nice work! :)

    My DH and I spent a week in Cozumel several years ago. That scrapbook is about half finished. I'll look forward to seeing your Cozumel layout!

  3. I like the retirement page. One of these days I need to start working on my scrapbooks...I've only been saying I would for years. Still need to develop all of the film.
    So does that Cricket machine tempt you at all? I must admit it does me a bit. Think I want a new sewing machine first though.

  4. Once again i must say you are veyr organized I am jealous

  5. I like you're blue page. I think you did a great job!

  6. What a cool meme!
    I really enjoyed this post!
    I don't do too much scrapbooking but I do like to make cards and stamp.

    Organizing paper -- always a challenge!

    I think the retirement page came out great!

  7. I have a huge stack of stuff sitting and waiting for me - maybe you'll be my inspiration to get started - these look great!

  8. Your retirement page is awsome, I love that color blue. Your birthday invite is cute, I have the same paper. Keep up the great work!


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