Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday's Feast

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Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist?

Unfortunately, I'm a Murphy's Law kind of person. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, so I try to prevent things from going wrong, and to do that, I have to look at the bad side where all the possiblities are. I tend to see the glass half empty. I'm trying hard to change that.

What is your favorite color of ink to write with?

Usually, a gel ink black pen, but also a regular Bic, medium point pen.

How often do you get a manicure or pedicure? Do you do them yourself or go to a salon and pay for them?

Not often enough. If I have one, it's usually at home. I may get one at a salon about once a year. Boy, things change. I used to get one every two weeks back in the day!

Main Course
Have you ever won anything online? If so, what was it?

Easy question. Yes! My husband! But I've also won books, scrapbooking stickers, and event tickets to see Sweeney Todd off broadway (which I haven't actually received yet - one of my step-daughters really wants to go see this).

In which room in your house do you keep your home computer?

Our main computer is in the living room, but not really in it, and I know that makes no sense. Trust me. We have another in the kitchen that used to be in my room. Now I have a laptop, and I can use it in any room in the house.

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  1. Enjoyable meme....always fun to know more facts about a person!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I love how you WON your hubby...and he you, my friend!

  3. maybe that's the reason why i am a pessimist, since i always look at the bad side since that's where all the possibilities are...

    mine is now served. hope you can drop by:

    Happy FF!

  4. So tell, was he in an auction?! hehe Enjoyed the feast!

  5. Great feast today! Congrats on your winnings!

    Mine’s up…come on over.

    Also, I’d like to ask you to answer the question I have in the post below my feast. THANKS!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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