Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Nights

My nights are fairly routine.

I get the kids settled and in bed, my husband goes to bed, and finally, all is quiet on the home front, and I can have ME time. I stay up far later than anyone in the house because this is the only time I can be alone and unwind, and I treasure it. No one's calling my name over and over to find this, do that, help with this, deal with that. I can watch TV, but more often than not, I will be found on the computer blogging. It's a habit, and one I'm not about to give up.

Then, there is the rest of my night. I try to read each night. That's usually uneventful. Sometimes hubby is snoring so loudly by the time I am ready to go to bed, that I end up going down to the couch. I need quiet.

The couch is not totally uncomfortable, but it's a couch, not a soft bed with warm sheets and down comforter, and I can't sleep in my normal position on the couch. I try this way and that, I toss and turn, but eventually, after my mind races a bit, I fall asleep.

I remember one night in particular not too very long ago that I couldn't sleep. I tried different positions, I reversed and put my head where my feet normally go, I got up and had some milk, I read my book, I blogged, and I tried again. Still couldn't sleep. Too many thoughts racing around in my head like greyhounds after Markie. Repeat cycle - minus the milk. Toss, turn, rearrange, read, blog, try to sleep again. Still didn't work. Thoughts are still racing around my head like The Indy 500. Zoom! Zoom! Sleep was still MIA. The next thing I knew, it was almost 7 AM. I had not slept one wink. Bad night.

On a night like tonight where I don't have to get up early and go to work, I watch movies, I relish my time alone, I blog, I even clean, I can be very productive at night. Night time is usually my favorite time of day - except when I can't sleep in spite of exhaustion.
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  1. We are so much alike, I could have almost written this verbatim! Instead I wrote a poem, but won't post it until later today when I finish the art piece!

    Love night so much....calm solace!
    Well done!

    Hugs Sherrie

  2. I'm a night owl too. Except I do it with guilt, knowing that if I read until 4:00am that I'm going to sleep- walk through most of the morning.

    Entertaining post - though painfully achieved.

  3. being a mother is so time consuming, making time alone so precious. Lovely that you find a bit of time for yourself each day.

    Maybe get a more comfy couch;-)

  4. I relish the night, but then I don't have a young family to look after any more. You sound a lot like me twenty years ago. :)

  5. oh how i can relate. night is my only vacation from everyday life.
    i find the man in the moon doesn't ask a thing from me.

  6. I have bouts of insomnia now and again, but apart from that, I admit I usually miss the night altogether.

  7. I love the night. It's when I come awake. I love being single too - no one to ask me when I'm coming to bed!

  8. in night i'm free. hubby and children asleep, and I can write and blog as long as i want to.
    but, that makes my day sleepy, while i have to go to work....

    tonight the sky is so clear

  9. I can almost totally relate to your nights, although my husband goes to bed after I do!! And I've never had a bout of insomnia like that!

  10. I usually read at nights! The quietness helps me concentrate!


  11. I'm a morning gal after nine hours of sleep. I applaud you finding "me" time. ;)

  12. I enjoy nights for the same kids!

  13. my challenge is always how to resist the challenge to stimulate myself in the middle of the night through reading, blogging and instead to find peaceful calming ways to find sleep...


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