Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fill-ins

1. I enjoy scrapbooking and taking photographs.

2. What I can do to live a better spiritual life is something I wonder about often lately.

3. In your heart, you knew the reasons "it" happened.

4. Take four children, a dog, a cat, a wife, and a husband, add a little bit of differing personalities and you end up with a crazy, chaotic, and sometimes stressful household where there is rarely a dull moment.

5. Life has gifted me with twins.

6. Reading a book is an instant vacation.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting out of town before Hurricane Ike gets here, tomorrow my plans include seeing a movie and spending a night in a hotel in Corpus Christi and Sunday, I want to come home to find out that the hurricane didn't damage our home and we actually have electricity! (however unlikely that is, it's what I want!)


  1. You are in my prayers as you prepare for Ike!

  2. I will pray that Ike doesn't do too much damage, I am thinking of ou all.

  3. Stay safe during the hurricane!
    I hope you have no damage.

  4. Be safe, my friend!!!!!

  5. Have a safe trip to Corpus! We are staying put. I have a big fear about the loss of power. I don't like to be hot. I pray all our homes & bodies remain safe.

    You're right, reading is an instant vacation!

  6. i love these friday are always so creative!

    now be safe. you are in my thoughts and prayers...scary! i will totally take an earthquake here in CA over this hurricane stuff.

    be careful out there!

  7. Great answers - I'll keep you in my prayers and positive thoughts as Ike approaches.

  8. Praying for electricty and that you enjoy your movie! I really like this "fill in the blank" post, might have to steal it. :)

  9. I also like to take pictures. but in simple way, that's way I got a camera phone, so I can take pictures whenever wherever.
    and yes, reading a book is an escape.

  10. have just been praying for you.

  11. Hello! I saw your blog on Bubba's Sis. We live in Corpus. Been praying for everyone in Houston. Hope you all are well. Hope you're having as good a time possible under the circumstances.
    Take care,

  12. Your in my thoughts. I hope your house and family are safe from the storm. Please keep me posted. Your in my thoughts.


  13. Just thinking about you! Hope you are safe and dry.

  14. Diane, I've been non-stop thinking of you. Hope you got out of there. I pray you and the family are all safe and doing well.
    please let me know when you can. you know how I worry. xoxo

  15. No dull moments is sometimes a good thing! Thanks for playing :-)


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