Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heads or Tails

Tails - How would you change where you live?

On June 4, 2007, I wrote about finding my dream house, well almost dream house. I don't love the house I live in. I appreciate it, but there are many, many changes I'd make, and this dream house seemed to solve most, if not all, of those issues. Here it is if you'd like to read it.

As for climate, San Diego seems to rank #1 with many people, but I don't want to move to California. I'm a Texas girl.

That leaves me the Texas Hill Country. The climate may not be a whole lot better than where I am now, but aesthetically, it's pretty peaceful!

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  1. I LOVE the Texas Hill Country too!!!

    Happy HoT day.

  2. That looks like a great place to live.

  3. My dream house would be one I own, I hate renting. Nice HoT, mine is up.

    As for the badge code, try backspacing out the excess stuff, otherwise it looks great.

  4. I agree about Texas. I was born in Dallas and lived there until 5th grade. Some of my relatives still live there and I get to visit them every year or so, so the dream is still alive! But alas, my hubby is an Indiana boy, born and bred, and never wants to live anywhere else, even though I would cheerfully move. But I'm patient. He may change his mind yet!

  5. Your dream house's 4400 square feet sounds wonderful! Our apartment is only around 900! Way too small for our .. I mean.. my husband's STUFF. He's such a pack rat.

    I would like to move out of the city, too. Not as far as Texas, though.. LOL!

  6. Beautiful photos. I do believe we all have little paradises where we live.

  7. Beautiful photos! I'm thinking 4400 sq ft sounds too big to me, but...it seems a perfect fit for you! Dreams do come true!

  8. Your {almost} dream house sounds lovely. I seen my dream house here for sale and it sold within 2 weeks I was devestated. lol


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