Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's Your Niche?

No, this isn't a new pick-up line! (Think, "Hey, what's your sign, baby?")
I've been reading a lot on the web lately about finding your niche and branding yourself. Here's one article that advises you that, in order to gain more readership, you should "pick your niche and stick with it. (Alex Levin)"

Here's another article that mentions, at least twice, commenting and visiting other blogs in your "niche. (Sunil)."

Yet another source discusses "how to create your own niche blogging masterplan...(Maki)."

More still, there is a video over at 5 Minutes for Mom about this subject!

I'm not really sure I want to do that, and I'm not really sure I CAN do that. Here are 13 things I could write about.

1. Organizing - I love organizing, and I'm very good at it! Could I devote my entire blog to it? Perhaps. But I have other interests! (Have you ever visited Organizing Junkie or Organsing Queen?)

2. Scrapbooking - I big-puffy-red-heart scrapbooking, but it's only a hobby, not a career, and I don't think I'm creative enough to specialize in this area. (How about coming over to Sunday Scrappin' with me?)

3. Food - I like to eat. Doesn't everybody? I'm a fairly good cook, and I like to try new recipes, but I'm not one of those naturally gifted people in the kitchen who can create new dishes and recipes with ease.

4. Digital Photography - I adore taking photos! My twins get frustrated sometimes that I am so camera-happy. I have a lot to learn about photography, though.

5. Creating Digital Slideshows, Videos - Oh, another one of my hobbies! I'm always so proud of my creations, but the rest of the family doesn't get that excited about it. Again, I have a lot to learn in this area.

6. Exercise - Definitely not my area of expertise. It probably needs to be, but it's not. I'm okay with that.

7. Children - I have kids. I should have put them first, huh? I blog about them. But just them? I know my first and foremost role is to be a mom, but I do have a few other interests. Besides, there's lots of mom blogs out there that are very worthy of their status. (I do, however, like to combine some of my interests - my kids, scrapbooking, photos, etc. )
8. Educating Adolescents - I've done this for 20 years, and I consider myself an expert on the subject, but I suppose if I wanted to write about it, I would have already done so. I'm happy to share my trial-and-error expertise with anyone who asks, but it doesn't make for very lively reading.

9. Saving Money - I could learn a thing or two about this, but I don't have enough experience to devote my blog to it.

10. Beauty - Have you seen me? I'm decent looking, but I am NOT a "beauty."

11. Fashion - ditto what I said about beauty. Besides, take a look in my closet, and you'll know I'm not a fashionista!

12. Fiction - I enjoy writing fiction, but it takes so much brain power, and right now, I just don't have any extra left over after all of my other obligations.

13. Write about anything I want! I have no specialty! I'm a "Jill-of-many-trades" and "mistress-of-none."

There will be no branding here. I can't write about being forgetful every time I write!
Michelle Mitchell from Scribbit says in her interview with 5 Minutes for Mom, you want to do things that set yourself apart if you are trying to build readership or make money. If you're just writing for yourself, she says, then write what you like. I will!

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  1. #13 is my vote and favorite! In fact it's right out of my profile! I don't believe in limiting ourselves, there are too many sides to each person. Well rounded is the way to go.

  2. I agree with Tamy. #13 for sure! Or rather, all of the above! Write about whatever suits your fancy at the time.

    I don't think I have a niche myself.

    How are ya'll handling this Ike situation? I see we don't have school tomorrow either. My hubby called on his way to work to inform me that there are some gas stations already out of gas & traffic was thick with people evacuating. We are staying put unless things drastically change.

    Be safe!

  3. My niche is to keep writing til I find my niche.

  4. Just do it then!!! Have fun with it. Happy TT:)

  5. My niche is blogging to leave a memoir for my children and grandchildren.

    My TT is up here.

  6. De Martini says that the best was to find our priorities and passions is to look at what we do. What of these 13 do you do every day? That's probably your passion - go for that! :)

  7. I've just about given up on it. All I know is to keep plugging.

    The Pink Flamingo

  8. I like number 13 too, thats what I do best.

    I like to share scrapbooking, photography and being a mummy and Im not an expert at any of them. lol

  9. I don't have a niche either - I just write what I feel like writing! Works for me - I'm not making money off my blog anyway. Too bad, tho....that would be nice....

    Hunker down, my friend - I think we're gonna get a bumpy ride!

  10. Great list! I have no niche either, I am all about random blogging! LOL!

    Happy TT.....

  11. I agree that some people need to find their niche and stick with it. Unfortunately though, publishing has decided this is the only way to be published.
    As for me, one of my main reasons for blogging is to prove that in some instances, this is rubbish. I've purposely NOT stuck to a niche - and I think the amount of hits and comments I get prove my point.
    My advice is, do what YOU want to do, and not what advisors say.
    Oh, damn! I just advised you, didn't I? :-)

  12. Then there's the "ecelectic" niche--for interesting people like you!

  13. Write about whatever you want...that's what makes you, you! And for the record, you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  14. Interesting list … I have no idea what MY ‘niche’ is … other than ‘whatever strikes my fancy’ each day. My 13’s up at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. I say #13, that is my niche for The Cafe, great TT idea.
    Hope you'll stop by my T13a @ The Cafe at the END of the Universe & The Library at the END of the Universe.
    ~Penelope Anne

  16. hey girl...guess we're all heading out now... be safe and check in when flippin Ike goes home!

  17. Who knows maybe by writing about what you like will show in your writing too and attract. That's the hope right?

  18. Hey! Are ya'll leaving or staying? We are staying. Be safe! And let us know how ya'll are doing when you can.

    Praying for all of us...

  19. Great list. I think it's great to broaden your interests. Good luck finding your niche.

  20. We are 10 years apart!

    Girl, whatever yall do BE SAFE!!!! =)

    I will be staying in Kingwood at our apartment! We are on the bottom floor of 3! I think that would be good shelter? Don't you?

    I just know we are going to be without power for a while and that is what STINKS! =(

    What are yall going to do if you leave? Come right back on Saturday or Sunday??????

  21. Great list... I too struggled to find a niche and decided that I'm my own niche! (In other words, your #13!)

    Great TT.

    I see also from your profile, you're in Ike's path. Please, stay safe. If you have a few down minutes, check out my TT here.

  22. I DON'T think you need a niche...I like your randomness!
    Happy TT

  23. I have 4 blogs and three are niche, one shopping in Toronto, and 2 based on hobbies which are history, and ghosts. The latter is part of a much larger website and therefore easily has much more traffic, but with the others I see no difference in being a niche or a wonderful mish mash which I the latter I do prefer :)


  24. Let's hear it for the niche-less!!!!

    Actually, I do have a niche on my kids and allergies blog, which I started because it was hard to find information (particularly recipes) when my older son was first diagnosed.

    But my main blog is totally, gloriously niche-less. In the past week, I've done politics, youth soccer, loveys, cell phones and movies. Either it works or I'm Sybil. Maybe both. But blogging would be very frustrating it I tried to make everything fit in one topic or even one tone. And blogging isn't supposed to be about frustration.

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