Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Fill-ins

This week we are filling in the words to some "obscure songs." Won't you join me for Friday Fill-ins?

1. If I was to walk into your life, would you know my name?

2. Catch a bright star and place it wherever you want it.

3. And you can send me flowers or money.

4. I'd like to forget but I'm dealing with a memory that never forgets.

5. I'm the innocent bystander / Somehow I got stuck in this train wreck of a mess!

6. What's keeping us apart isn't selfishness, it's the loss of intimacy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching my stepdaughter perform with color guard at the high school football game, tomorrow my plans include sleeping late and doing some activities with the kids and Sunday, I want to sleep late again and get ready for work on Monday.


  1. Have fun sleeping in - sounds like a good idea! Happy weekend.

  2. They may be obscure song titles,but your heart is peeking through! Great list!

  3. I'm with you on #4...

    Thanks for playing, have fun this weekend :-)

  4. I'll take your star and place it in my blog. :)

  5. I think a lot of us are with you on #4. I used a variation of that idea on mine. I hope you get caught up on sleep this weekend!

  6. wait a sec?? ARe these really parts of songs?? #4 is driving me crazy, I KNOW those lyrics?? How do we find out what songs they're from??
    I love your answers, but are we suppose to try and guess the lyrics Di??
    WHY am I always so confused??

  7. The loss of intimacy is huge. I remember you mentioning in a past Fill In that you were struggling with that decision. You are definitely in my thoughts.

    I am looking forward to sleeping late too.

  8. send me money, yeah, right
    hahaha :D

  9. I didn't know they were songs either.. DUH!

  10. I found you by way of batw...I think...see I'm a forgetfulone too! lol. Like your blog and glad that you had a link to several de-cluttering sites.

    stop by sometime when you get the chance :)



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