Sunday, September 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Family Favorites

Welcome to this edition of Menu Plan Monday, hosted by I'm An Organizing Junkie. This week, we're supposed to post some of our family's favorite recipes.


Since we're out of school for the week (again) due to hurricane damage in our schools, I have bought some Cajun Deli Turkey, Deli Provolone cheese, and whole wheat/white bread for sandwiches, and I'm making a macaroni salad (courtesy of Tamy at 3 Sides of Crazy). This will make several lunches for us.

For dinner, we're having beer can chicken. My family loves this. I'm also going to make Hash Brown Casserole (this recipe also courtesy of Tamy at 3 Sides of Crazy). And maybe I will make Tamy's Sin in a Cup for dessert! Easy and sounds so yummy!

I get to go out to dinner! Help me choose a place! Olive Garden (Italian), Frenchy's (local place with the most divine lasagna I've ever eaten in my life), Salt Grass Steakhouse, or Pappa's Seafood. Vote for your favorite in your comments!
Maybe I'll make myself a Texas Chocolate Sheetcake!
Sandwiches again for lunch. We eat dinner at church on Wednesdays.
The guys (my husband, his dad, his brothers) go out on Thursdays. The rest of us will either go to Jason's Deli, La Madeliene, or The Fish Place.
Pizza night! I could make this Garden Ranch Pizza (Pampered Chef recipe that we love), or we could go to Star Pizza. We've been wanting to do that.
Please vote for your favorite restaurant because I can't make up my mind where I want to eat Tuesday! Thanks!


  1. Your having a birthday soon??? Like tomorrow???

  2. Hope you have a WONDERFUL birtday!!!! Love Texas Sheetcake! Enjoy!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday you are so organized!

  4. Have a great birthday and enjoy diiner out.
    I love how organized and planned you are for the week.

  5. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

    My vote goes to Salt Grass. That's where we always go for special occasions because we can't afford it casually. ;) And I don't do seafood except for hushpuppies. Can you believe I've never eaten at Frenchy's?

    Thanks for the recipe links. I need some fresh ideas.

  6. I love you menu choices LOL - seriously it sounds like a great week!

  7. My vote is for the seafood place.

    Have a wonderful Birthday dinner.


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