Sunday, September 28, 2008

Camera Critters

This is Lacy sleeping on MY bed with MY pillows! I don't mind, though.

This is Rocky yawning, but it looks like he's sticking his tongue out at the cat as if it say, "Nyah, nyah, I got my picture made, too!"Join the Camera Critters meme or click over to view more cute critters!


  1. They are so cute! The kittie lopks like she's getting big!

  2. Cute ! I also posted my own critters today !

  3. they have no problem making themselves comfortable now do they.

  4. How cute! I just posted my first Camera Critters post today to and I saw your name on the list and was even more excited. I can get addicted to this meme quickly!! LOL!


  5. Your kitty looks like my kitty but my kitty is much much fatter. Your do almost blends in with your couch, the eyes give away his hiding spot. LOL!

    Kayla (Chrissy's Sister)

  6. They are both too cute! Hey did you see you won a giveaway over at Heavenly Homemakers. Congratulations!

  7. Lacy is getting big!

    Good thing Rocky stuck his tongue out, those glowing eyes might have scared me. ;)

    You have gorgeous pets!

  8. That photo of Rocky is too cute, he looks cheeky.

    Lacy is a cutie, my old cat Junior used to love sleeping on my pillows too.

  9. Awww - Rocky's a cutie! I have a black doggie, too, and they are hard to photograph, aren't they? You just can't see them very well!

    Both my dogs like to sleep on my bed. Actually, I think they let me sleep on THEIR bed at night. ;-)


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