Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Thursday Thirteen #39!

What are your indulgences, your guilty pleasures? Here are 13 of mine.

1. A long, hot bath with Bath Junkie moisturizing detox rocks.

2. A great book by Robert Crais, Stephen White, or Janet Evanovich.

3. A chocolate milk shake, made here at home with milk, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup. I make the best milk shakes! Sinfully delcious.4. Sleeping late.

5. An episode of Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, ABC Soaps, or 24, but I never see them unless I get them on DVD or DVR.

6. A professional massage.

7. Frenchies' lasagna - not just any lasagna - only Frenchies' Italian Restaurant!

8. Coca-Cola - It's the Real Thing!

9. Petting the kitten.

10. Buying something, anything, for my scrapbook hobby. And it's especially exciting if I WIN something like this great kit from the Coconut Scrap Shop!

11. Kahlua and cream.

12. Creating slideshows or videos with Adobe Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements or Pinnacle Studio.

13. Blogging.

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  1. happy tt and i can use #6...but I don't know if I want to be away from #13 too

  2. I agree with you about #4!

  3. I watch two of the ABC soaps myself (AMC and OLTL), although not as much as I have in the past. I still keep my hand in thanks to SoapNet though.

    As for an indulgence of mine, an artery clogging breakfast (bacon, eggs, and toast oozing with butter) on a Saturday morning.

  4. Ooooh cool new color over here!! I have the exact same pleasures except for 6 and 9. It's art supplies instead of scraping! But darlin I feel no guilt!! Only bliss and reward!! I love anything whirled in a blender be in milkshake or frozen drink. Coke is the only one, I do feel guilty about and that I only drink now if it has rum in it...which is extremely rare!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. #4 and #6 would be soo good right now...

    Happy TT!

  6. definately a good book and a hot bath...I can spend HOURS alone like that!

  7. Super list~I wish I could sleep late, my body just won't let me!!

  8. 4, 10, & 13 for me. Great idea for a TT.
    Have a great Thursday and if you wish pop by my TT at The Cafe at the END of the Universe & Mama Bear Reads.

  9. Petting a kitten, reading a book and taking a bath are my favorites. It's too bad I can't do them all at once. Happy TT!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and gossiping with me the other day.

    I can totally relate with the bath thing. My hubbie drew me a bath the other day. I was hesitant, because I don't typically do bubbles. But, he poured in the stuff and then turned on the jacuzzi. Can I quote Adam Sandler and say "Silky Smooth?" It was pure heaven. A professional massage is also the most awesome thing known to man. I love having my feet massaged especially.

  11. I'm hear ya on most of those too! Simple pleasures :)

  12. Blogging would be my number one guilty pleasure. I also love playing computer games instead of cleaning house.
    Or blogging instead of writing what I need to write.

  13. James Patterson novels and HBO. :P

  14. I'm sure you have more than 13 but your not sharing the best ones. lol

  15. So when are you making me a milkshake? ;)

    I have to agree with pretty much all of your list! The only differences: I've never read Robert Crais nor Stephen White. LOVE Janet tho. I don't watch Prison Break nor 24. Yet. I gave up ABC soaps & Days of our Lives a few years ago. I did pick up General Hospital last year when Laura returned for a few weeks. Once she left, I did too. I've never eaten at Frenchie's. And instead of creating slideshows, I like editing pictures with photoshop. But, really, other than those, I could have written this list. ;)

  16. Bath Junkie sounds awesome! Next time I'm in Colorado or up North in Florida I'm checking them out! Thanks for the head's up!

    P.S. I can't wait to see what you create with your kit!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  17. I like your guilty secrets. Im a huge Prison Break fan. Hmmm

  18. Ohhh I love getting a professional massage!

  19. ahhh these sound so nice!! espc. the massage and the milkshake! ummm

  20. Wonderful indulgences!!! I think I'll partake of a few of those this weekend - for a short week, it sure was a long week!

  21. I will be over tomorrow night (monday) to watch prison break while slurping on one of your milkshakes, couldn't get any better then that. I love prison break Scofield is so hot LOL and who could resist a chocloate milkshake.

  22. Now I want a milk shake after reading this! If you only lived closer!!! lol =) Sounds Yummy!!! If Ike comes in you'll be making us one in Livingston!!! =) HA!


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