Monday, September 01, 2008

Random Worries

Heads or Tails - List any three things.

1. I worry that people (who should know my name) will forget my name, like people I work with or parents of my friend's children. I may be forgetful, but I'm pretty good with names, so I have always worried about this.

Even when I was a little girl, first or second grade, and I was away at summer camp, I worried that my parents would forget my name. I remember making something for my dad during Camp Fire Girls, and I signed my last name to it because I was afraid he wouldn't know who I was otherwise.

2. I worry about being forgotten at the doctor's office. It's happened before!

They put you in a room with your chart on the door and tell you the doctor will be in soon. Then they forget to flip the lever that says a patient is waiting in that particular room, so you sit there, and sit there, and sit there.

3. I worry about running appliances when I am not home such as the dishwasher or washing machine.

We have had wooden spoons fall to the bottom of the dishwasher and get scorched and nylon serving utensils fall to the bottom and melt, and let me tell you, it does NOT smell good! It's a wonder the house didn't burn down.

Bonus Random Worry - If I leave my dirty shoes in the garage, I worry about a creature getting in them. This, too, has happened. I was putting on my shoes to mow the lawn (because you can't bring those filthy shoes into the house), and there was a huge toad in the toe part (Get it? I was toe-d)! I didn't have socks on at the time, and it was terribly disgusting!

Join us for Heads or Tails!


  1. Worry? Nah...don't can we forget Forgetful One?!!

    And your bonus...oh boy, that reminds me of a Nature program Bud and I watch years ago...some lady living in Florida, I believe, kept her sandals outside the door and she went out in the yard at night to do something or get something and there was a black widow spider in her sandal...needless to say she got bit and was hospitalized for a long time...with a wicked looking foot because of the poison.

  2. I'm the same way with your #2 worry. I was at the doctors yesterday for a physical and was waiting for the nurse to come back for my TB screening. It took her forever to come by my room. I was almost ready to jump off the table and look for her. :) Thanks for sharing this Tuesday.

  3. I have been forgotten at the Doctors so I can relate!!! Happy HOT and you are an unforgettable blogger :)

  4. I worry that my alarm clock will not go off and my students will be sitting in class staring at nothing.

    I worry that once school starts I won't have time to read all these fabulous blogs, and post my own material.

    :-) just discovered you. will come back.

  5. i know what you mean about forgetting names. my nan bless her in her old age forgets mine sometimes, or calls me by another name- its a shame really :(

    Oh yeah the appliances! you just never know do you. i left my dryer on plugged in through night once, and we had a fire in the dryer!

    I have 2 hots this week at my site sites if you have time to pop by, or just pop by the one lol :)

  6. Ah yes, I worry about if I turned off the oven, unplugged the hair stuff, or shut the car door. I promise you, worrying about that ruined a rodeo day for me one time.

    I don't necessarily worry about people forgetting my name but rather not remembering me at all. I never believe I'm memorable.

    That would suck to be forgotten in a dr's office especially if you are vulnerable in that paper gown.

  7. DIANE! who could forget your name? OR U In an exam room?? I thought I worried a lot, you may have me beat! haha
    Worrying about those appliances is very smart. MY BIL is an electrician, he says the one we should be most conscious of not leaving on when we are out? Clothes Dryer!
    I used to always throw a load in and do errands, but I don't anymore.
    heads or tails? what's up with this prompt?
    I love all the discoveries I make on your blog! xo

  8. I'm a worrier! Loved your list of worries - HA!

    Wanted to let you know that I am featuring your "Salon Talk" post On The Flipside for tomorrow. Thanks again for this great topic/post and being Guest Blogger - I really appreciate it!

    Take care - Kellan

  9. Toe-d! That's classic! It's really funny but I hear ya. I had spiders in my shoes last time I forgot them outside. Creepy crawlies are the worst imaginable pest to get into your toes! eekkkss!! Anyway, just dropping by to say HI.


  10. Ha. I wonder about unwanted creatures, too! Eek.

    BTW, thanks for the birthday wishes!

  11. Me worry..just be happy.

    When I had my ceramic shop I was real good at names and who pieces went to who.
    But then I didn't have to remember who is who who.
    So I got lazy.

    My list is up and if you get chance stop on in.
    The coffee is always on.

  12. It's good to know I'm not the only worry wart!

    I never worried about my parent's forgetting my name.. I worried that I was adopted because of my name. My brother and sister's initials are both J & A. I got B. Hmm..

    My son put on his gym shoes at school one day to find a dead mouse in one of them. ICK!

    (I just LOVE the look and fast loading of your blog, by the way!)

  13. Now I hate when some of those things happen - especially when they forget about me at the doctor's office. Great take on the HorT theme this week, mine is up.

  14. That getting toe-d part? Ewwww.

    When my little sister was in kindergarden, there were two Kathys so the teacher taught her to write Kathy R.

    For two years, if you asked my sister her name she would say: "Kathy R dot"

  15. I needed a good laugh and smile today and you gave me both. You are to much girl. I have to call you girl because I don't remember your name oh that's right your susan, am I on the right blog or am I thinking of someone else. LOL!


  16. First, I laughed. Then I wondered if you don't every worry about leaving your garage door up? I've been known to return on a drive-by checking mission far too often even after saying out loud 'I shut the garage door, I'm watching it close.' Wearing flip flops outside will keep most of the creepies out. LOL Great post!

  17. ooohhhoooo...
    and I worry about you stopping reading my blog :)

  18. lol We could be twins! Do you unplug everything when you go on vacation?

  19. I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries needlessly. ;-)


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