Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Year in Review...Feb 2010

February was a month of good times as well as introspection. My husband and I had hit a rough spot in our marriage, but we began to get back on track. I was completely surprised that he had been reading my blog, including a list of gifts I think women enjoy receiving. This was one Valentine's Day that he wasn't at a loss as to what to give me.

The picture above is from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I took my daughter to see Gary Allen which was a much better concert than the Jonas Brothers from the previous year! Just sayin'.
There was some introspection as I decided how to respond to a bloggy buddy's "self awareness badge." It helped me to reflect on myself and my personality traits and to think about how other people may view me.

And I revealed my inner dorkness! That was fun! Stay tuned for more Year in Review posts. And if you missed January, that post is here.


  1. boy all those lights sure brighten the sky. I got my windex today thanks

  2. i woulda freaked about the "slug" too! LOL

    i am glad that you and your hubby are back on track and how sweet of him to do a little research with your valentine gift.


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