Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not a New Blogger, Not a "Pro-blogger"

I've had my blog for five years now, and it seems like I have a nice amount of followers, but I only have a few truly loyal commenters. I know it's up to me to do the things that will attract more readers, so I continue to read articles about how to do that.

Most articles will tell you to write quality content. I agree. Many will tell you to find your "niche." I read an article today that was a link from Mom Bloggers Club, and finally, there is someone who disagrees with the notion of narrowing your blog down to one type of post (only reviews, only homeschooling, only issues for working moms, ie. finding your niche. Most of them have already been done and done well.)

I really love how Brit Reints put this, and I quote her:

"To be honest, I think you should ignore the experts on this one. I mean, sure, establishing yourself as the premier expert in a tiny niche is a proven path to “success”, but… you just want to start a blog. Right? I mean, isn’t this about you writing?"

"Write about something you love and will not get bored with quickly. Write about things that you read about and enjoy talking about and get excited about sharing."

She hit the nail on the head in my opinion. She had additional advice, of course, but you'll have to go read her article if you're interested. I just wanted to share this tidbit.


  1. I started regularly posting in July this year. I've always wanted to write and my daughter inspired me. I'm working through the bugs, I've always had a hard time expressing myself in words. But as I go I improve. Being happy with you is the most important.


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