Monday, December 06, 2010

The Nativity

Not everyone who reads my blog is Christian, and I love that we can all have our different beliefs, religions, and holidays. But since I'm Christian, and this is my blog, I want to talk about Christmas for a minute. Do you have a Nativity set in your home? I have a darling Dreamsicle set.

I started wondering, though, why is it called the Nativity? (This is the English teacher in me.) The root word is native. That makes me think of natives as in native people. Then, I did some searching in my brain and realized that plants can be native to a certain area (belong), so maybe that meaning is why it is called a nativity.

I had to look it up to be completely certain. Technically, the word nativity means "birth or origin." (I learned something new.) In this particular meaning, it means "of or relating to the birth of Jesus Christ." So now, it makes sense to me! I'm so glad I cleared that up!

And speaking of The Nativity Story, have you ever seen the movie from 2006? It's a wonderful reenactment of Joseph and Mary's lives and their journey leading up to the birth of Jesus. My twins were ten when it came out, and I made them go with me to see it. I'm so glad I did. I believe it gave them a clear sense of why we celebrate Christmas. As the saying goes (among Christians), Jesus is the reason for the season!


  1. I learned something new too! I love my nativity set, it is pretty sturdy so if one of my girls gets a hold of it it isn't going to break into a million peices. I for sure will get a gorgeous one once they are older.

  2. I have a porclean set that I keep on the mantel.


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