Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

(Hosted by 5 Mintes for Mom) There is a corner of my scrapbook room that has been bothering me for a long time. It's where I keep my paper and a TV stand. The TV stand was loaded with all kinds of things that didn't belong there, and the paper stand was so unorganized with many things just stacked on top. It took a while, and it didn't happen all at the same time, but I managed to find the correct home for the things on the TV stand. Now I have a place to store my scrap cart when I'm not using it, a place for my movies, and a place for my disks and miscelleneous computer items in the striped bin, as well as a few pretty things on top. All of my paper is organized by type and color as well as slots for pre-made layouts and completed layouts that don't yet have a scrapbook. I feel better! What are you tackling?


  1. Very nice! It's such a relief when you see accomplishments.

    I just read your bio. We have so much in common age, blended family. I think I am going to enjoy reading your past blogs.

  2. Looks great! It is always so nice to find a place to put something new. I had to start putting our movies in a drawer because they were ALL over the place.


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