Monday, December 20, 2010

Year in Review... Jan. 2010

Welcome to my Year In Review... 2010. Although it was a year of ups and downs, there are definitely things worth remembering!

This picture is actually from December 2009 instead of January 2010, but I'm going to begin with this post from Dec. 31, 2009. One of my favorite things to do is to read. I read 35 books during 2009, some good, some... eh. That doesn't seem like many books, but now that I have my Nook, I'm never without reading material. Can't wait to see how many I've read this year. Goodreads helps me keep up with that.

Last January, Extreme Makeover Home Edition was in my area helping a family rebuild after Hurricane Ike. There is still damage in our area, though much of it has been cleaned up in the last two years.

Do you ever contemplate all the things you need to do versus those things you NEED to do? Last January I needed to see the eye doctor, and I did. Yes, I have glasses now, in spite of having Lasik done in 2002. I now have both reading glasses and driving glasses, but I still see pretty well without them. But it's amazing how many things I still need to do! (get that new hairstyle, file papers, clean out closets, etc.)

And last, my poor kitty was a "conehead" for a while. So pitiful, yet so cute! I guess January 2010 is something she might not like to remember, but it wasn't so bad for me!


  1. I will need to check-back my blog to review...
    so, what's the resolution for 2011?

  2. oh my goodness that picture of the kitty kills me...cute!


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