Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday 13

This edition of Thursday 13 is brought to you by Valentine's Day. I'm not necessarily a huge proponent of Valentine's Day, as you can read in this post, but to my male readers (although I think most of my readers are female) you need to know that when a woman says, "Oh, you don't need to get me anything," or "Oh, anything will do," it is a good-natured LIE. Women just don't want to TELL you they expect a gift. They want it to be your idea. So, Men, here are some things a woman might like to receive for Valentine's Day, based, of course, on her personality. Ideally, you'd choose 3 or 4 of these things. If so, you can't go wrong!

1. A card - Not a Hallmark card. A card you have either made yourself, or one that has a super-sweet or sexy sentiment handwritten by you, or perhaps a love poem is tucked inside.

2.Candy - But here's a tip... Skip the Pangburn's and go straight to the really good stuff like Ghiradelli or Godiva.

3. Flowers - This works especially well if you know your lady's favorite flower. For me, it's the Stargazer Lily. And even though Valentine's Day is on Sunday, try to send them to her at work where her friends and co-workers will see them. That'll earn you extra brownie points. And make sure they come in a vase, not a box!

4.Stuffed Animals - Again, I don't mean the ones you get off the shelf at CVS or Walgreens. Get the good stuff! Go to Build-a-Bear workshop, probably in every mall near you, choose a cute bear, record your voice giving her a message, and the Bear-Builders will place the message so she can hear it when she presses a button in the animal's paw. She'll see you as thoughtful.

5. Pajamas or lingerie - Nothing too risque. A pajamagram is a great gift idea, and I've already found the link for you.. I heard about this on the radio.

6. A Restaurant Dinner - Take her out to her favorite restaurant. And don't forget to make reservations so you don't have to wait for hours.

7. Perfume - Find out her favorite fragrance and purchase it for her.

8. Jewelry - Diamonds are nice, but so are earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Ask a salesperson to help you choose something stylish in the costume jewelry section if your budget can't take diamonds right now.

9. Bubble Bath - And the time to take a long, hot bath without kids disturbing her! I love the detox rocks from Bath Junkie. And lavendar is a relaxing fragrance.

10. Candles - Can you tell that women love fragrance? And again, don't go for the dollar store candles. Choose one at a place such as Yankee Candle Company or Bath and Body Works.
11. Movie Tickets - Take her to see that chick-flik she's dying to see.

12. Theater Tickets - Even better than a movie, buy tickets to the theater. She'll see you have a cultural side.

13. A Professional Massage - Saved the best for less. Massage Envy tends to be an affordable place. Find a day spa near you that gives one hour massages, or better yet, couples massages. She'll be so relaxed! And a relaxed woman is a happy woman!


Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Listen up guys - Diane's list is an Excellent list! For me it's parrot tulips!

  2. I'll take #4....not just for Valentine's -------- ANY day of the year. LOL

    Come join me if you can...Mine is Thirteen CAT EXPRESSIONS...not photos, word expressions. Find it HERE. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  3. Love your list- especially the Godiva part!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Great list, of course, around here what I'm likely to get is a gluey, stickered, handmade valentine from a little girl, and honestly that can't be beat. ~ Calico Contemplations

  5. check out for something fun to do.

  6. Give the lady a round of applause!!! GREAT post!! LOVED it!! Theatre tickets sound like fun to me! ~tina


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