Monday, February 15, 2010

A Liar and a Dork!

Well, the dork part is probably true. See, tonight, I went into the room where the cat's food and water are (and the garbage can). I stooped down to give the cat some food, and I noticed something odd in her water. Gross! It's a slug! So, as I was secretly freaking out inside, I picked the water up to take it to the sink to change it and proceeded to drop the entire thing on the floor (the container that holds about a liter of water). As I was cleaning up my mess, and on further inspection, I "noticed" that the slug wasn't a slug at all. It was... are you ready? Part of a potato peeling from dinner that inconveniently missed the trash can! Yup! I told you I was a dork.

But, I'm not really a liar, so here is the answer to my "Creative Writer (Liar) Award" post. Jenn is the only one who guessed correctly. Number 3 was correct.

When I was 16, I took a dose of ampicillan and went into anaphylactic shock. I'd had penicillan before, but I guess it had been a while. My body reacted within minutes. I broke out in red, raised hives everywhere including my head and the bottoms of my feet. Before too long, it wasn't only the itching that was making me crazy, it was my breathing. My throat was swelling, which meant I cuoldn't breathe well, and I was having heart palpitations. Luckily, I was taken to the hospital quickly where they gave me shots of epinephrine, diphenhydramine, and corticosteroids. I think I had to spend one night in the hospital, but after that, I was fine. I've been known to have severe allergic reactions since then, but not anything as life-threatening. I should probably carry an epi-pen with me!

#1 - I love chocolate.
#2 -I don't enjoy reality TV shows.
#4 -I don't like Thai food or anything really hot or spicy.
#5 -I am a Christian, Methodist by baptism, not a Scientologist.
#6 - While I am a teacher, I don't get to stay home. I only wish I did! I got to do that ONE year out of the past 21 years. I work full time, and then some!
#7 - While I enjoyed my vacation to Winter Park, skiing was difficult for me.

Thanks for playing!

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  1. I had narrowed it down to 2, 3 or 4, but then didn't get back here in time to guess - have to admit 3 threw me for a loop.

  2. Let us know if you see any more slugs soon ;)
    Missed the game, but shouldn't any more, hope to be more on top of things now.

  3. Ahh! I love that you thought it was a slug. Too funny.

  4. I had to giggle at the slug, although I don't mind slugs if I see a cotton thread ong the ground I freak out thinking its a spider. lol


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