Sunday, February 17, 2008

Win a Hannah Montana DVD!

Once again, 5 Minutes for Mom has pointed me in the direction of a new site I love. I've placed a link for Momsational in my sidebar. Right now, they are having a contest (okay, LOTS of contests) but the one in particular that got my attention was the giveaway for the HM DVD. Have you ever tried getting tickets to see her? If you have a tween daughter, chances are good that you have. And have you seen the lines for her movie/concert? Well, what better way to please our daughters than to win a copy of her DVD? It's good, clean fun!

Momsational says, "On the heels of the sold-out 56-city concert tour comes the latest DVD from Disney Channel’s wildly popular comedy series, Hannah Montana: One in a Million." Here's the contest link.

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  1. AWESOME!! jordan would kill me if i didn't enter so i am off to save my life!!


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