Monday, February 25, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday!

Oh, I have been a procrastinator! That is so NOT like me, really. I am seriously a go-getter, get-R-done kind of gal. Not on this particular task, though.

I have been treasurer for the Bay Area Youth Football Association for the last two years. The season has been over since Thanksgiving and I have had piles of papers! Receipts and payments to categorize, deposits to categorize, a running record of the status of our account in relation to our budget, bank statements to reconcile, end-of-season reports to fill out. I couldn't put it off any longer! I have one final report to submit, and my two years as treasurer are over -- just in time for me to take on a volunteer role with baseball or band! It never ends, does it?

I reduced this...

To this...

Go me!


  1. doesn't that feel good? i love it when I can reduce my paper pile too!

  2. YAY!! Way to go on the volunteer job!

  3. Ahhh - as someone with a son in our youth football league - I salute you! That is a very time-consuming and mostly thankless job. Great job organizing the stuff... it (almost) inspired me to tackle my desk... but the fact is, it would take an awful lot to inspire me today! Congrats on the good work!!!

  4. Nice job...that was a lot of work!


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