Saturday, February 16, 2008


The Sunday Scribblings topic this week is sleep.

Do you sleep well? I envy those people that do.

For as long as I can remember, I have had trouble with sleep. Trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, trouble finding enough time to sleep.

I’ve read all the articles and advice on how to get a good night’s sleep, and there are some very good ones out there ( and Univ. of Maryland Medical Center are two of them), but it just doesn’t happen that way for me.

I think part of it is the busy-ness (not business, although that works, too) of being a mom, a wife, a full-time employee, and trying to keep a fairly organized and well-run household. There is just so much to do and only a finite amount of time to do everything. Part of it is that I have to have my quiet time when everyone else is finally in bed, so that cuts off some of my sleep time. I blame the Internet for part of it. Okay, not really, but MY ATTRACTION to the Internet is partially to blame. I can have the computer all to myself when everyone else is peacefully sleeping. I also love to read, and if I have a book that I just can’t put down, then I give up some sleep for that. Part of it is that my husband snores. He recently had a pillar procedure that is supposed to help, but so far, no such luck. And the fact that my mind races practically 24/7 doesn’t help, either.

But whatever is to blame, I don’t get enough sleep. The experts advise us not to take naps, but I sooooo look forward to weekends when I CAN take a nap. Just like I did today!


  1. so sorry you don't sleep well, that is awful. I sleep like a log even though I share a similar busy ,crazy life! It sounds like you need more 'you' time in the daytime! If you could fit in your computer and reading addiction earlier, maybe then you would conk out? I'm not sure, but those few times when I JuSt CAN'T sleep, A big bowl of my favorite cereal does the trick. ( hope that helps you) xo

  2. I am like you and don't find much joy in sleep. I think, if you have difficulty sleeping then you just have ot do what you can to get by.

  3. boooooooo to "the experts". they suck.

    and? i think that there is nothing more delicious and satisfying than naps during the weekend! in fact? i had one today and i woke up and felt fantastic! i'll have one tomorrow too.

    you enjoy yours when you can. the experts can take a hike!

    i too suffer(willingly) from inet attraction as well as blog issues too! great post :)

  4. I am also a terrible sleeper...for all the reasons you mention and we share.

    Sweet dreams...

  5. my husband and daughter fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. HOW?! i am not a good sleeper either. partly because i never have been and partly because i think tooooo much. my mind is like the CNN news ticker...i cant sut it off no matter how hard it try. i envy people who can sleep.

  6. Having read all the contributions leading up to yours it's evident that people who have trouble sleeping are in the majority!

    Me? Yawn. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. A great Sunday Scribbling, and don't the words on your header image go well with it!!
    I must admit I suffer from the same 'is the internet to blame' syndrome. I'm trying cat-napping, 20 minutes only. I'm glad you got to take a nap today.

  8. Sleeping, sometimes, is just plain hard work! Wonderful post!

  9. I have some pretty rough times of serious insomnia and suffer chronic fatigue, so I need my naps. The doctors istruct me to take them.
    Good luck with yours, life does make it hard to get a good nights sleep in general.

  10. I am not much of a sleeper. However, I don't feel tired becos of it.

    snooze time, baby!

  11. Oh my God! Don't listen to the so called "experts". Napping is awesome and 20 minute naps have been shown to make a huge amount of difference in people's ability to concentrate, their energy levels etc. Try reading some of SARK's books - she's a huge fan of naps and often says "give yourself permission to nap".

    Excellent advice. :)


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