Saturday, February 23, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings #2 Week 264

Unconsious Mutterings is a free-association meme. This is my second post for this meme.

She says :: I say

Protocol :: Order
Girlfriends :: Hanging out
Shoulders :: to cry on
Coming home :: peace
Let it in :: I'll let it out
Honor :: Trust
Tyler :: basketball coach
Thriller :: Michael Jackson
Angela:: my sweet angel daughter
The winner is :: ME!


Serena said...

I've got Michael Jackson stuck for thriller too. Same answer for shoulders. :D

By the way, your link at UM is missing the .html at the end of the url. Hope the others can find your blog.


Laane said...

Great list.

My mutterings are ::here::


Have a nice week!

Jean @ Penny Lane said...

Hello -- those are great answers!

I like your answer to Angela the best!


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