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Friday, February 08, 2008

Scrolling Saturdays

I've been waiting for Saturday this week, since it's so close to Valentine's Day! I am reposting "Hallmark or Holiday" originally posted on 2/14/06. Check out the meme at Scrolling Saturdays! Join the fun!

I often wonder who the romantics are and wh0 the cynics are. I think it's easily determined according to each person's thoughts on Valentine's Day. My husband and I decided to be frugal this year. We each got the other a card. I got him a small box of chocolates, and he got me two pink roses. I also made him a gift - a very clever (imho) coupon book, and I wrote him a short poem. We went to dinner together sans kids - very early as he doesn't make reservations - and it was blissful.

Now - did we do enough for eachother? I believe so! I suppose that Valentine's Day was originally a true observance or commemoration of something or someone that I have heard about in legends, but I think now that it's mostly a Greeting Card Company Marketing Technique. Obviously, the American public buys into it wholeheartedly. I "participate," but with reservation because what exactly am I celebrating? Perhaps I am celebrating my love for my husband, children, and God, but don't I celebrate that every day? If I don't give a Valentine to my husband, does that mean I love him less? My answer is no. Would I feel a little guilty if I didn't. Yes, I would. Perhaps Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, and perhaps it's just another day. It's a tug-of-war for me.Oh well.

Who's a cynic and who's a romantic?


  1. I'm too tired to be romantic right now. Does that make me a cynic? :) Thanks for sharing an old post.

  2. My husband calls it Hallmark Day... he still does little things to make me feel special, but he does that all year long too. Fun SS post.

  3. I am a cynic... Romance is over rated.. hehe Only kidding, but it is a Hallmark Day as Tara stated..

    Found you through SS. :)

  4. That sounded like you did a lot to celebrate Valentine's Day. My hubby and I just usually do a card and then try to go out to dinner alone. I think that is plenty.

    I am definitely a romantic!

    Great SS post! :)

  5. I think what you did sounds perfect! I know that Valentine's Day was started as a holiday by the greeting card companies so the American public would have another reason to spend money and buy their products. In fact, most retails benefit. My husband and I celebrate much like what you are talking about.

  6. Your Valentine's Day was wonderful!

  7. i'm a combo...i go overboard with little things for my kids but...nothing for hubby! and...i never get anything from him. but, i'm ok with that!
    great post!!

  8. We always do a little for Valentine's Day because it is the day after my, essentially we are celebrating my birthday with a Valentine's theme...we usually do dinner, but not much else. Hubby doesn't like cards or chocolate, so we rarely do any of that...

  9. I think Valentine's Day was originally an excuse to have a party to make the winter less horrendous. Nothing takes your mind off being snowed in like a bit of romance. Hubby and I have not always been together on Valentine's Day, but when we are we try to go to dinner and remember to say "I love you." Whether it's said with Hallmark, with a hug and kiss, or a box of chocolates, it warms me up a bit.

  10. We don't usually do too much on Valentin's day....although I think he might have something up his sleeve this year. I think that I like to believe I'm a cynic....but deep down...probably a romantic. Great post.

  11. Total Romantic! We do things for Valentine's day..but I do things all year for him. He leaves messages on my pillow, I call him to just tell him I love him, he picks a coffee up for me for no reason, I organize a fun night, he makes me breakfast in bed..and it goes on and on....yeah..I think I am a romantic!


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