Sunday, February 24, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last Week's vegetarian menu didn't go as planned! We gave in out of exhaustion. We didn't want to cook! So, on Wednesday, we ate what someone else prepared, and it was chicken... delicious chicken. I did most of my lunches after that vegetarian, but we kinda gave up. Remember, though, we were just trying it to see if we could do it, not for health reasons or anything like that. This week we're going back to a very typical menu at our house.

Monday - Grilled hamburgers (since the weather is expected to be near 80 again tomorrow), all the trimmings, cheesy tater tots, baked beans, and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Tuesday - Mexican chili (super easy crock pot meal - boneless chicken breasts, can of beans, can of corn, picante sauce) served over bite sized tostadas or rice.

Wednesday - Garlic Rosemary Pasta, salad, and bread. We were supposed to have this last week.

Thursday - Guys Night Out - Girls get their pick. I have no idea what it will be! Maybe the vegetable pizza we didn't have last week when we blew it!

Friday - I get to eat dinner with my scrapbooking buddies, and two of the kids get to have pizza at their band lock-in. Hubby can fend for himself and the older daughter. They'll probably go out for pizza.


  1. another yummy looking week. you rock!

  2. Enjoy your scrapbooking. Some girlfrineds and I plan to get together next week, make some cards and some relish. I always find we have such lovely chats whilst we do this.

  3. Mmm - sounds yummy. I'm impressed that you're so organized!

  4. Sounds like a good week to be at your house. I really envy the grilled burgers and the 80 degree weather! We're all excited that we are supposed to hit 40 this week. The Garlic Rosemary Pasta sound really good. Can I come over on Wednesday?

  5. Thanks so much for the link love, I shall add you to my blogroll as well!!! By the way, I'll be over on Friday with my scrapbooking stuff! LOL I heart scrapbooking too! :-)
    The GM5 for this week is ready when you are...


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