Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Me? OH Thank You!

I have only received one award from another blogger, and it was a "post of the day" award from The Rising Blogger way back in September of 2007. So, imagine my surprise when two lovely ladies gave me an award on the same day!

Mama Bear gave me the "First Class Friendship Award." Aww. I'm honored. Thank you so much. YOU are a first class friend!

HolleeAnn gave me the "Your Blog is Cooler than This Guy's Blog" award for my awesomeness. I think you're pretty awesome!

Ladies, thanks. I needed some blessings today. It's been a rough, long day, and this brightens my world. Here's to you! Now everyone else, go click on the links for these wonderful ladies. I'll be giving out some bloggy love this weekend now that I have something to pass on!


I love comments! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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