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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

My brother-in-law's grandson in the snow on a recent trip to Colorado - complete with photo-shopped snowmen. I thought it was cute!


  1. My Mom likes doing that kind of stuff to pictures, too.

  2. I thought the snowmen were real! You totally spoiled that for me... :/

  3. Wow, he's in a way different part of Colorado than I am. We have almost no snow. Love the added snowmen!

  4. Cute picture!

    As for the links, you just highlight everything and do ctrl c to copy it and then paste it on to your own post. The links all copy and paste just like that. I was surprised it worked so easily.

  5. He seems to be having a lot more fun than I do when I'm up to my knees in snow. LOL Great picture.

  6. What a cool photo! I would love to know how to do this...but first I need to buy photoshop!


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